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A Return to East of Suez?
UK Military Deployment to the Gulf

Britain may be on course to become more directly involved in Gulf security as the US reorients towards the Far East and Pacific Rim.

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Syria Food Aid_Dec 2014_WFPAbeer Etefa Analysis: Forgetting Food in Syria 5 Oct 2015
The focus on cash and military equipment flows into Syria has neglected the role of food aid in sustaining the regime and the civil war International Responses Global Security Issues Middle East and North Africa Syria Europe Russia
Vladimir Putin 2 Analysis: Russia's War Plan in Syria 2 Oct 2015 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
The third day of Russian air strikes in Syria finally offers some clarity about the possible war plan the Kremlin may have for its Syrian campaign. Middle East and North Africa Syria Russia
201509 An Illusion of Complicity thumb News: New RUSI Report: Sophisticated criminal networks at the heart of illegal ivory trade in East Africa 22 Sep 2015
A new report by RUSI suggests that links made between the illegal ivory trade and terrorism in East Africa are vastly exaggerated. This has diverted attention from the real threat of organised crime and widespread corruption to wildlife in the region. Organised Crime Terrorism Africa
Putin and Assad Analysis: How Bolstering Military Support for Assad Helps Russia in Syria and Ukraine 18 Sep 2015 by Sarah Lain
Recent increases in Russia’s military presence in Syria not only help reinforce a regional ally in opposition to the West, but also ensure Russia’s prominent role in Syria’s political future, with or without Assad. Military Personnel Global Security Issues Syria Russia
Red Tape Analysis: Cutting Red Tape: Striking the Balance between Regulatory Burden and Financial Integrity 16 Sep 2015 by Helena Wood
The announced review of the UK’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist finance regime under the Cutting Red Tape programme sends mixed policy messages at a sensitive time. The focus on increasing supervisory effectiveness is the right one, but must be delicately balanced with the need to strengthen the UK’s illicit finance defences. Resilience UK
SDSR 2015 News: New RUSI briefing points to missing links in Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) financing 10 Sep 2015 by Professor Malcolm Chalmers
A new RUSI briefing warns of the risks of steep spending cuts in UK departments and agencies responsible for tackling illegal migration, organised crime and supporting UK diplomacy. Organised Crime Securing Britain UK Defence UK
Assessing the RAF's air strike on British citizen: A high risk strategy Videos: Assessing the RAF's air strike on British citizen: A high risk strategy 7 Sep 2015
Professor Michael Clarke, RUSI Director General, assesses the RAF's air strike on British citizen. Law and Ethics Terrorism Syria UK
Reyaad Khan Analysis: RAF air strike on British citizen: A high risk strategy 7 Sep 2015 by Professor Michael Clarke
Today the British Prime Minister controversially announced that two British citizens were killed in RAF drone strikes. The point is not so much that they were British but that he was targeted in an area that the UK does not currently regard, legally, as an operational theatre of war for UK forces. Law and Ethics Terrorism UK Defence Syria UK
Illegal tusks - photo courtesy of World Wildlife Fund Analysis: Trafficking Illegal Ivory in East Africa 7 Sep 2015 by Cathy Haenlein
Organised crime, rather than terrorism, is the greatest threat to elephants and other species in East Africa. Our primary focus should be on the organised crime groups and corrupt actors known to drive the vast ivory trade across the region. Organised Crime Terrorism
Barack Obama 2 Analysis: How Obama Beat Congress on Iran 2 Sep 2015 by Timothy Stafford
Despite some vocal opposition, Barack Obama now has enough support in the US Senate to ensure the Iran nuclear deal is approved. Domestic manoeuvring and foreign interventions characterise the President's success. Iran

Analysis from RUSI publications

Articles from RUSI periodicals: RUSI Journal, RUSI Newsbrief and RUSI Defence Systems

Arctic RUSI Newsbrief: The Arctic as the New Frontier in Oil and Gas 29 Sep 2015
Caution must be maintained around simplified accounts of the maritime Arctic as a modern-day El Dorado Europe Russia North America United States
Peace Ark RUSI Newsbrief: Military Medical Assistance as Soft-Power Projection: New Lessons from China? 29 Sep 2015
China's emphasis on military medical assistance constitutes a unique strategy of soft-power projection and one of the most concerted programmes of military diplomacy in the world Maritime Forces Pacific China
Nigerian girl RUSI Newsbrief: Boko Haram and Nigeria's Female Bombers 29 Sep 2015
A reconfiguration of Boko Haram's ideology underpins the group's use of female suicide bombers to achieve its broader goals Terrorism Africa
Omar Al-Bashir 2 RUSI Newsbrief: A Tale of Three Leaders: The Struggle over Justice in Africa 29 Sep 2015
The International Criminal Court's increasingly frail clout calls into question the future of international justice in Africa International Institutions Africa Sudan
Croatia EU talks RUSI Newsbrief: The EU's Fading Footprint in the Balkans 29 Sep 2015
The EU's neglect of the Balkans could hinder its ability to respond to the region's ongoing political and economic troubles European Union Europe
GCC Euro RUSI Newsbrief: Lessons from the Greek Debt Crisis for Gulf Monetary Union 29 Sep 2015
Far from an ideal blueprint for success, the Eurozone and its current woes could be instructive for the GCC in its pursuit of monetary union Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region
Oman RUSI Newsbrief: The Quiet Interlocutor: Prospects for Oman's Foreign Policy in the Middle East 29 Sep 2015
Skilled diplomacy has made Oman an outsized player in regional politics, but succession fears loom large for the small sultanate Iran's Nuclear Programme Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region Middle East Peace
Cultural heritage Syria RUSI Newsbrief: Protecting the World's Cultural Heritage from Destruction 29 Sep 2015
More concerted efforts are needed to protect cultural heritage from abuse and destruction in the Middle East and beyond (Free access) Art and Culture History Middle East and North Africa
Russia RUSI Newsbrief: Russia's Convenient Enemy: Daesh and the Caucasus 29 Sep 2015
The threat posed by Daesh in the Caucasus could allow Russia to justify its pervasive security apparatus and to bolster its international reputation by taking a lead on efforts to defeat the group Tackling Extremism Middle East and North Africa Russia
Kurds RUSI Newsbrief: Iraq's Kurds and the Battle to Defeat Daesh 29 Sep 2015
Political disunity in Iraqi Kurdistan risks undermining efforts to combat Daesh Tackling Extremism Middle East and North Africa Iraq

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