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Robotics for 4orce page RUSI Defence Systems: Commercialising Robotic and Unmanned Systems 23 Jun 2010
Dewar Donnithorne-Tait discusses what must be done to allow robotics systems to work alongside those that are manned Aerospace Maritime Forces Land Forces
IDF tank RUSI Defence Systems: Lessons from the Procurement of Armoured Fighting Vehicles 23 Jun 2010
Peter Flach sets out the reasons that MoD has spent almost £1bn without a single vehicle to show for it Land Forces Defence Policy UK Europe
Troop illumination RUSI Journal: The Army Brain: A Historical Perspective on Doctrine, Development and the Challenges of Future Conflict 23 Jun 2010
Engaging in a constantly evolving battlespace, the British Army needs to ensure that its intellectual capacity keeps pace with frontline demand Military Personnel Land Forces Armed Forces UK Defence
bloody sunday Analysis: 'Unjustified and Unjustifiable' - the action of soldiers on Bloody Sunday, 1972 16 Jun 2010 by Margaret Gilmore
The longest and most expensive public inquiry in UK legal history has finally produced its report - to extraordinary scenes in Londonderry. Just as Bloody Sunday was a catalyst leading to an upsurge in violence then, so this report into events could now prove a critical turning point in consolidating the peace process today. Land Forces Military Personnel UK Europe
General Petraeus LS News: General David Petraeus remarks at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference 9 Jun 2010
General David H. Petraeus, the current Commander of US Central Command spoke at RUSI's Land Warfare Conference on 9 June 2010. General Petraeus spoke of the enduring relationship between British and US Armed forces. Defence Policy Land Forces UK Europe United States Americas Afghanistan Central and South Asia Iraq Middle East and North Africa
General Petraues at RUSI News: General David Petraeus and General David Richards to address RUSI Land Warfare conference 18 Mar 2010 by Olivier Grouille
General David Petraeus, Commander of United States Central Command will join General Sir David Richards, Chief of the General Staff at a high-profile RUSI conference. Land Forces
Repairing Army Vehicles RUSI Defence Systems: Sustainment Moves to the Next Level: Rethinking Our Life-Cycle Focus 4 Mar 2010
The US Army has renewed its focus on the whole life cycle from research and development through in-service support to disposal, asset visibility, ramping up and scaling down as necessary, and investing wisely in logistic facilities Land Forces United States Americas Defence Management
Fire Team RUSI Defence Systems: Joint Fires - The Challenges To Come 4 Mar 2010
There is much more work to be done in order for UK forces to integrate air and land assets better Aerospace Land Forces Defence Management UK Europe
Mine Resistant Vehicle RUSI Defence Systems: Delivering Capability to the US Army in the 21st Century 4 Mar 2010
Timescales of capability delivery need to be shortened in a rapidly changing defence environment Land Forces United States Americas Technology Defence Management
Road-side Bomb RUSI Defence Systems: Protective Technologies 3 Mar 2010
Technology is expensive and we must be careful that we do not assist terrorists in one of their key strategic aims, which is to “strangle the enemy financially” Technology Land Forces
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