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120528 Spiller_thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: The Household Cavalry throughout Queen Elizabeth II's Reign 29 May 2012
As the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee reach their climax, Captain Roly Spiller explores the history and experiences of the Household Cavalry throughout Queen Elizabeth II's reign Military Personnel Land Forces History UK Europe
RUSI Defence Systems: Interview: Leading the Guardians of the Royal Air Force's Military Soul 29 Mar 2012 by Simon Michell
Simon Michell talks to the former Commandant General of the Royal Air Force Regiment, Air Commodore Russell La Forte CBE, to discover the nature of the corps’ work Aerospace Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: UAVs and the Counter-IED Campaign 29 Mar 2012 by Avnish Patel
Avnish Patel, military sciences project manager at RUSI, assesses a selection of the latest unmanned aerial vehicle counter-improvised explosive device technology Land Forces Aerospace Military Personnel
RUSI Defence Systems: The RAF Regiment – More Than the Sum of its Parts 29 Mar 2012
The Royal Air Force Regiment provides much more than its unique perimeter-patrolling capability for NATO and coalition partners, also offering vital capabilities to UK Defence and the civilian authorities Land Forces NATO International Institutions
RUSI Defence Systems: Bowman Comes of Age 29 Mar 2012
Giles Ebbutt explores the history of the Bowman tactical C4I system, its positive impact on British military capability and the root causes for some of the criticism that it has received Military Personnel Technology Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: Protected Mobility and Vehicle Modernisation: Keeping up with Evolving Threats 29 Mar 2012
Serge Buchakjian of Oshkosh Defense highlights the role that the company’s vehicle technology is playing in helping to protect troops travelling on the ground Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: UK AFV and PPV Procurement Using Urgent Operational Requirements 29 Mar 2012
Peter D Antill, Jeremy CD Smith and David M Moore explain how the Ministry of Defence devised urgent solutions to give better protection to personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan Defence Management Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: Whatever Happened to Medium-Weight Forces? 29 Mar 2012
Colonel Peter Flach MBE (Retd) explains why air-transportable, medium-weight armoured vehicles have become such a vital component in current operations Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: LPPV - Lessons for Defence Procurement 29 Mar 2012
Chris Maughan, managing consultant at Decision Analysis Services Ltd, examines the two key procurement processes employed by the Ministry of Defence and highlights lessons to be learned from the success of the LPPV rapid procurement Land Forces Defence Management
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