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RUSI Defence Systems: The Market for the Next Generation of Armoured Vehicles 19 Sep 2013
A series of impending decisions in international competitions for new armoured vehicles – notably infantry fighting vehicles – will show to what extent combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan has influenced defence ministries and vehicle designers. Alan Dron explains Iraq Middle East and North Africa Afghanistan Central and South Asia Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: The Current and Future Roles of the UK Armed Forces 19 Sep 2013
The United Kingdom’s armed forces are in the grip of yet another major reorganisation to create a coherent force that is able to defend the national interest and address threats worldwide. Simon Michell assesses these threats and looks at current and future conflicts Military Personnel UK Europe Armed Forces UK Defence Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: UK Operational Capacity 19 Sep 2013
Simon Michell takes a look at the Future Force 2020 and explains how it will be organised to counter future threats across a diverse range of scenarios Military Personnel Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence Armed Forces UK Europe Land Forces
UK Afghan flags RUSI Newsbrief: Bloody Brothers: Insider Attacks in Afghanistan 3 Sep 2013
The number of insider attacks against British soldiers in Afghanistan has declined this year so far. Yet discussion of how best to prevent them should continue if important lessons are to be retained Armed Forces UK Defence Counter-insurgency Afghanistan Central and South Asia UK Europe NATO International Institutions Land Forces
Swedish palace guard RUSI Newsbrief: The Shared Challenges of Personnel Reform in Sweden and Taiwan 3 Sep 2013
Since independently initiating far-reaching personnel reforms in 2009, the armed forces of Sweden and Taiwan have both faced significant challenges relating to recruitment and retention Military Personnel Reserve Forces Land Forces Europe Pacific
201307 NB Cline thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: International Defence Engagement: British and US Experiences 24 Jun 2013
In an age of fiscal austerity, defence engagement is championed as a means of deriving greater utility from a country’s armed forces. The British and US experiences highlight some of the benefits – and obstacles – encountered to date. Land Forces Military Personnel United States Americas UK Europe Africa UK Defence Armed Forces NATO International Institutions
201307 NB Evans thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Army 2020: Reserves Integration 24 Jun 2013
With the British Army of 2020 having a greater structural reliance on its reserves, the delivery of a fully integrated force will be essential to future success both at home and abroad. Reserve Forces Military Personnel Land Forces Armed Forces UK Defence UK Europe
201307 NB Melvin thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Operation Enquiry: How to Transform an Army? 24 Jun 2013 by Major General (Retd.) Mungo Melvin
The British Army needs to replace its narrow focus on operations in Afghanistan with more strategic, long-term thinking, trialling fresh ideas to develop new concepts for a range of contingencies. (Free access) Military Personnel Land Forces UK Defence Armed Forces UK Europe
201307 NB Barry thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: The Age of Gloom? Implications for Key NATO Armies 24 Jun 2013
The way in which NATO armies are adapting in response to recent engagements and ongoing fiscal difficulties will have major implications for their future land capabilities. (Free access) Land Forces Military Personnel Armed Forces UK Defence UK Europe France United States Americas
201307 NB Quentin thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Bridging the Capability Gap: Key Issues in Land Warfare 24 Jun 2013 by Peter Quentin
With the British Army currently facing its most significant challenges in a generation, the first part of this edition of RUSI Newsbrief is dedicated to the key issues in contemporary land warfare. Military Personnel Reserve Forces Armed Forces UK Defence UK Europe Land Forces
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