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South Sudanese soldiers RUSI Journal: Armed-Group Amnesty and Military Integration in South Sudan 16 Dec 2013
South Sudan’s government has implemented an amnesty and integration approach to the threat posed by armed groups – with mixed results (free access) Land Forces Military Personnel Africa Sudan
Marching British Soldiers Analysis: Fighting the ‘Battle of the Narrative’: Communicating Army 2020 13 Nov 2013 by Joanne Mackowski, Ashlee Godwin
A recent course organised for influencers was designed to convey the British Army’s response to a changing strategic landscape. Despite redeployment from Afghanistan and Reserve reorganisation, this exercise emphasised that the British Army is still very much in the war-fighting business. Land Forces Military Personnel Reserve Forces UK Europe
Indias Tejas Fighter Jet RUSI Newsbrief: Signs of Change in India’s Defence Industrial Base 13 Nov 2013
The current restructuring of India’s defence industrial base is aimed at improving the quality of indigenous platforms, increasing defence exports and reducing the cost of procurement to India’s armed forces Aerospace Land Forces Maritime Forces Technology India Central and South Asia
Merkava tank RUSI Journal: Pre-Empting Iran: A Military Assessment 31 Oct 2013
While any decision to act against Iran can only be determined by political considerations, it is useful to evaluate Israel’s capacity for military strikes against the Islamic Republic. Iran Middle East and North Africa Israel Aerospace Land Forces Maritime Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: Games Armies Play 19 Sep 2013
Dr Jeffrey Peter Bradford looks into the importance of simulation and training, and the difference between these two critical military activities Military Personnel Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: Combat Vehicles – Less is More: Assessing the New Armoured Infantry 19 Sep 2013
William F Owen examines the Army 2020 concept and suggests that the introduction of a less costly fleet of combat vehicles might enable the armoured infantry of the future to train more effectively and therefore enhance its performance on the battlefield UK Europe Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence Armed Forces Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: Land Logistics: Maintaining Credibility after Afghanistan 19 Sep 2013
Nick Burton from PA Consulting Group explains how logistics credibility can be maintained after the Afghanistan drawdown UK Defence Equipment and Acquisitions Armed Forces UK Europe Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: The Market for the Next Generation of Armoured Vehicles 19 Sep 2013
A series of impending decisions in international competitions for new armoured vehicles – notably infantry fighting vehicles – will show to what extent combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan has influenced defence ministries and vehicle designers. Alan Dron explains Iraq Middle East and North Africa Afghanistan Central and South Asia Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: The Current and Future Roles of the UK Armed Forces 19 Sep 2013
The United Kingdom’s armed forces are in the grip of yet another major reorganisation to create a coherent force that is able to defend the national interest and address threats worldwide. Simon Michell assesses these threats and looks at current and future conflicts Military Personnel UK Europe Armed Forces UK Defence Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: UK Operational Capacity 19 Sep 2013
Simon Michell takes a look at the Future Force 2020 and explains how it will be organised to counter future threats across a diverse range of scenarios Military Personnel Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence Armed Forces UK Europe Land Forces
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