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UK peacekeepers thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Cameronís Peacekeeping Commitment 28 Sep 2015 by Adrian Johnson
The prime minister has pledged up to 370 British personnel to United Nations operations. Does this herald a return of the UK to peacekeeping? (free access) Land Forces United Nations Africa Sudan
Sniper thumbnail afghanistan RUSI Defence Systems: Has the War on Terror Created a New Breed of Military Sniper? 10 Jul 2015 by Justin Bronk
The prolonged counterinsurgency campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq drove a significant evolution of the military sniper in terms of role, equipment, tactics and lethality Land Forces Counter-insurgency Equipment and Acquisitions Armed Forces
Milan anti-tank missile RUSI Journal: Versatility and Technology: A Case Study of the Milan and Javelin 18 Jun 2015
French experiences with the Milan and Javelin weapon systems show the vital importance of the relationship between man and machine Land Forces Military Personnel Technology France
EMP thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Deconstructing the Digital World: EMP in Warfare and Nature 5 Jun 2015
Suitcase E-bombs, shoulder mounted RFDEW and missile delivered EMP are all becoming operational realities. Both military and civilian circles should take note since in an increasingly digitised world, EMP represents a threat which should not be taken lightly Aerospace Land Forces Technology Equipment and Acquisitions
Vladimir Putin 2 RUSI Newsbrief: Russian Rearmament: Putinís Key Priorities 1 May 2015 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
While the Russian economy continues to suffer under Western sanctions, Moscow continues to invest heavily in upgrading its military capabilities Aerospace Land Forces Maritime Forces NATO Global Security Issues Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Europe Russia
Taranis RUSI Journal: Science, Technology and the Generation of the Military Instrument 29 Apr 2015 by Professor John Louth, Justin Bronk
Military strength may currently be measured by technological superiority, but the distinction between strategy and novelty is a critical consideration that needs more focused attention Aerospace Land Forces Technology Defence Management
Paratrooper Thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: CJOAX: Building a Bilateral Crisis-Response Task Force 10 Apr 2015 by Peter Quentin, Justin Bronk
This month in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the largest airborne exercise in a military generation will revitalise US-UK joint forcible entry capability with a demonstration of true interoperability (free access) Land Forces Military Personnel UK Defence Armed Forces Global Strategy and Commitments
Armata thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Keeping a Low Profile: Armata, Russiaís New MBT 21 Nov 2014 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
Russia's new main battle tank will boast a formidable blend of composite armour, active protection systems, innovative layout and impressive firepower Land Forces Russia
Challenger 2 tank thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Offensive Defence: The Limitations of Armour 30 Oct 2014
As anti-tank weaponry has advanced and incorporated characteristics such as dual-charge warheads, is the current Western approach to armour fit for purpose? Land Forces Military Personnel
British soldier sillhouette RUSI Defence Systems: Overweight Infantry: The Conflict between Equipment Capability and Personal Mobility 2 Oct 2014
Are British infantry overburdened? The case of the SA80 provides a revealing case study (Free access) Land Forces Military Personnel
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