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Paratrooper Thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: CJOAX: Building a Bilateral Crisis-Response Task Force 10 Apr 2015 by Peter Quentin, Justin Bronk
This month in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the largest airborne exercise in a military generation will revitalise US-UK joint forcible entry capability with a demonstration of true interoperability (free access) Land Forces Military Personnel UK Defence Armed Forces Global Strategy and Commitments
Armata thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Keeping a Low Profile: Armata, Russia’s New MBT 21 Nov 2014 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
Russia's new main battle tank will boast a formidable blend of composite armour, active protection systems, innovative layout and impressive firepower Land Forces Russia
Challenger 2 tank thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Offensive Defence: The Limitations of Armour 30 Oct 2014
As anti-tank weaponry has advanced and incorporated characteristics such as dual-charge warheads, is the current Western approach to armour fit for purpose? Land Forces Military Personnel
British soldier sillhouette RUSI Defence Systems: Overweight Infantry: The Conflict between Equipment Capability and Personal Mobility 2 Oct 2014
Are British infantry overburdened? The case of the SA80 provides a revealing case study (Free access) Land Forces Military Personnel
German Leopard II tank RUSI Defence Systems: Rusted till the Last Bolt: Europe’s Future Main Battle Tank 18 Sep 2014
As the current generation of European tanks begins to age, like-for-like replacements may be unrealistic (Free access) Land Forces Europe Germany France UK
Chinese APC RUSI Defence Systems: Armoured Vehicles: The Future of Chinese Military Exports? 18 Sep 2014
Attention often focuses on Chinese aerospace and cyber capabilities - but armoured vehicles also demand attention (Free access) Land Forces China
JNL Thumb Sheffield RUSI Journal: The British Army in the Era of Haig and Montgomery 21 Aug 2014
Negative myths about the British Army's performance, especially during the Great War, obscure the reality of an institution that learned and improvide throughout both world wars Land Forces History The Great War UK
Tornado GR4 Analysis: British Options in Iraq: Capabilities, Strategies, and Risks 13 Aug 2014 by Shashank Joshi
Pressure is building for the government to recall parliament over the crisis in Iraq and consider intervening alongside US forces. But what are the options for Britain, and what risks do they carry? Aerospace Land Forces Global Security Issues Middle East and North Africa Iraq Europe UK
201403 Wars in Peace thumb News: RUSI Book: Wars in Peace: British Operations Since 1991 30 May 2014
RUSI publishes a major study on British defence policy ahead of the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review. Land Forces Military Personnel Defence Management Defence Policy UK Defence UK
Thumb Afghan Civilians and Military RUSI Journal: ‘Learn from Experience’ or ‘Never Again’: What Next for UK Counter-Insurgency? 18 Mar 2014
The UK must continue to learn the lessons of the last decade after withdrawing from Afghanistan at the end of 2014. Land Forces UK Defence Armed Forces Global Strategy and Commitments Afghanistan UK
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