Cyber Challenges for National Security
Debating how the new National Cyber Security Strategy, developments at the FCO Cyber Security Conference in early November, and ongoing debates ...

Andrew Parker on Terrorism, technology and accountability
Address by the Director General of the Security Service, Andrew Parker, to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) at Thames House, ...

Foreign Secretary on Intelligence and Security
On 10 March, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond spoke at RUSI on Intelligence and Security their role in the UK. ...

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Russian spies RUSI Journal: A Wilderness of Shifting Mirrors: Western Counter-Intelligence in the Next Decade 18 Oct 2010
Western intelligence agencies will face new threats in the years to come, requiring new resources for counter-espionage Intelligence
Gates and Mullen RUSI Journal: The Leak before the Storm: What WikiLeaks Tells us About Modern Communication 22 Aug 2010
The now-infamous deluge of raw intelligence via the WikiLeaks website has exposed Western governments' inability to come to terms with the digital information age Intelligence Information
Radio handover ISAF RUSI Journal: The Art of Conversation: Revising Strategic Communications 22 Aug 2010
To get StratComs right in Afghanistan, we must engage in two-way dialogue not one-way messaging Intelligence Information
Afghanistan analysis Analysis: The leaking of the Afghan War documents 26 Jul 2010 by Professor Michael Clarke
How significant is the release of the Afghan war documents on WikiLeaks? RUSI Director Michael Clarke gives his assessment Afghanistan Central and South Asia Intelligence Iran Middle East and North Africa Pakistan Information Technology
Obama Medvedev talks Analysis: Russia, the US and the old business of spying 29 Jun 2010 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
The unravelling of a Russian spy network in the United States could well destabilise the rapprochement between the two countries which began after the election of President Obama. Intelligence Russia Europe United States Americas
MoD logo RUSI Defence Systems: Progressing Team Complex Weapons 23 Jun 2010
Steve Wadey reports on the progress made through Team Complex Weapons since 2005 Intelligence
September 11 devastation RUSI Journal: New Intelligence Blunders? 25 Feb 2010
Effective intelligence is crucial in the post-9/11 era. Yet the faults inherent in human agency mean dramatic ‘intelligence blunders’ will remain with us Intelligence
parliament Analysis: Is it time to give parliamentary oversight of intelligence some teeth? 16 Feb 2010 by Garry Hindle
The Binyam Mohamed case has turned a spotlight on the workings of intelligence agencies and highlighted problems with their oversight by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). Domestic Security UK Europe Intelligence
Prevent Analysis: Between intelligence-gathering and social engineering 28 Oct 2009
Can government legitimately mingle its social interventions with intelligence gathering, as the UK's Prevent counter-terrorism strategy stands accused of doing? Domestic Security Terrorism UK Europe Law and Ethics Intelligence
British Muslims Analysis: Prevent and Intelligence 21 Oct 2009 by Garry Hindle
Prevent needs reform but accusations that it is little more than an intelligence gathering programme are simplistic and inaccurate. UK Europe Domestic Security Intelligence
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