Cyber Challenges for National Security
Debating how the new National Cyber Security Strategy, developments at the FCO Cyber Security Conference in early November, and ongoing debates ...

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British Muslims Analysis: Prevent and Intelligence 21 Oct 2009 by Garry Hindle
Prevent needs reform but accusations that it is little more than an intelligence gathering programme are simplistic and inaccurate. UK Europe Domestic Security Intelligence
Police counter terror Analysis: Cautious confidence: terror threat levels lowered 22 Jul 2009 by Margaret Gilmore
The threat level to the UK from international terrorism has been reduced from ‘severe’ to ‘substantial’: the lowest it has been for more than four years. The move suggests there is cautious confidence within the security agencies. Domestic Security Terrorism UK Europe Intelligence Emergency Response Securing Britain
Newsbrief Kotani RUSI Newsbrief: Recent Discussions on Japanese Intelligence Reform 10 Jul 2009
Last month, Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) published its ‘Proposal on Defence Program Outline’ for the next decade, which, apart from closer military co-operation with the US, includes the creation of an ‘intelligence community’. Intelligence Japan Pacific
July 7 bombs News: RUSI JOURNAL: A ‘golden age of counter-terrorism’ – we’ve been both successful and lucky 13 Jun 2009
UK jihadi terrorist cells are chiefly self-help groups consisting of untrained, or semi-trained, dangerous amateurs leading some police professionals to predict that this will seem like a golden age of counter-terrorism – when we were both successful and lucky; according to new research paper by the Royal United Services Institute. Domestic Security Intelligence Terrorism UK Europe
New surveillance photo of Siddique Khan in 2001 Analysis: Could 7/7 have been prevented? 20 May 2009 by Margaret Gilmore
The cross-party Intelligence and Security Committee Review is critical of MI5 record keeping after it reveals that the 7 July bombing ringleader had featured in surveillance more often than was previously thought, though he was never identified as a priority. Though the committee attributes this shortcoming to an overstretched Security Service, it will not do much to subdue calls for a wide-ranging enquiry. Domestic Security Terrorism Global Security Issues Intelligence July 7 Bombings Securing Britain
July 7 bombs Analysis: 7/7 Acquittals – The hunt for the perpetrators remains elusive 1 May 2009 by Margaret Gilmore
The acquittal on 28 April 2009 of three men accused of helping plot the attacks leaves a large number of questions unanswered. The much anticipated Intelligence and Security Committee report may help provide a clearer picture and improve future response. Terrorism Domestic Security UK Europe Intelligence July 7 Bombings Securing Britain
John Yates Analysis: The Toughest Job in UK Counter-Terrorism 16 Apr 2009 by Margaret Gilmore
Assistant Commissioner John Yates has been parachuted into the job of the UK’s most senior counter-terrorism officer. He was appointed amidst a crisis created by his predecessor. The affair underlines the tough brief that the new incumbent must master, whilst negotiating a treacherous political terrain. Terrorism UK Europe Intelligence Securing Britain
National security Analysis: Determining the wider dimensions of the UK’s national security 9 Mar 2009 by Margaret Gilmore
The Director of RUSI Professor Michael Clarke has been appointed to the new National Security Forum, alongside a distinguished independent panel of world experts in security. This group is tasked to study specific security questions posed by Government. The committee held its first meeting on 9 March at 10 Downing Street. Domestic Security UK Europe Intelligence Securing Britain Terrorism
Afghanistan troops and people RUSI Newsbrief: Afghan Insurgency: Changing Tactics and Pakistani Motives 4 Mar 2009
Afghanistan looks set to provide another difficult year for coalition troops. Worse still, it is becoming increasingly clear that Pakistan is not up to the job of extending its writ throughout all of its declared territory. Intelligence NATO International Institutions Afghanistan Central and South Asia Pakistan
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