Take Me Back to Constantinople - How Byzantium, not Rome, can help preserve Pax Americana
A lecture by Edward Luttwak, Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC) and author of The ...

Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature 2013
The Royal United Services Institute is pleased to announce that this year’s 2013 Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature – ...

RUSI Journal Roundtable: Britain’s Armed Forces and the Two World Wars
Honing in on the British military experience, distinguished historians including Gary Sheffield, Gill Bennett and Peter Gray will discuss the development ...

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RUSI CREST RUSI Journal: Foreword 9 May 2014 by Dr Emma De Angelis
Editor Dr Emma De Angelis introduces the second issue of 2014 Art and Culture Defence Management Defence Policy History UK Defence
Orpen Self Portrait RUSI Journal: Portraits and the Centenary of the First World War 9 May 2014 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
An interview with National Portrait Gallery curator Paul Moorhouse about The Great War in Portraits Art and Culture History The Great War
Library door News: RLMH News - The RUSI Council and its Minute Books: Hidden Gems in the RUSI Archive 18 Mar 2014 by Laura Dimmock-Jones
Established by the Duke of Wellington in 1831, RUSI has been led and governed by key military figures from the Nineteenth century. The discovery of a volume of minutes illustrates how this tradition continued with key generals from the Second World War and Cold War occupying the RUSI Council table well into the Twentieth century. History
World War One Analysis: Dealing With the ‘Blackadder’ View of the First World War: The Need for an Inclusive, Bi-Partisan Centenary 13 Jan 2014
The intervention of Education Secretary Michael Gove on the First World War suggests that the Centenary has become a political football. However, it is not too late to disentangle the Centenary of the First World War from crude partisan politics. History The Great War UK
WW1 home page Analysis: Dealing With the ‘Blackadder’ view of the First World War: Were the Leaders Trapped by Circumstance? 13 Jan 2014
Michael Gove’s intervention on how we remember the First World War has sparked off a national debate. The Education Secretary is adopting a stance that helps give depth to issues of judgment, morality and education, as well as to the drivers of memory and identity. Art and Culture History The Great War UK
Churchill Bust News: Sculpture of Winston Churchill Unveiled at RUSI 2 Jan 2014
A specially commissioned sculpture of Sir WInston Churchill was unveiled at RUSI on 18 December 2013. History
British Zone of Berlin 1945 RUSI Journal: The British Occupation of Germany, 1945–49: A Case Study in Post-Conflict Reconstruction 17 Dec 2013
The British occupation of part of West Germany was most successful when it allowed the German people to rebuild their political, economic and social infrastructure without external impositions History Germany UK
Poppy Analysis: Poppies and Remembrance Sunday: Multicultural and Multifaith Britain Joins In 8 Nov 2013
As the nation marks Remembrance Sunday, Britain’s ethnic minorities will be joining commemorations as well. This is not well reflected, however, in public and media discourse, where those who protest noisily can get a hearing often denied to those who participate quietly in our shared national commemorations. Art and Culture History Armed Forces UK Defence UK Europe
Military band RUSI Journal: Soft Powering the Empire: British Military Bands, Influence and Cultural Imperialism in the Twentieth Century 31 Oct 2013
In the inter-war years, military bands played an important role in maintaining British influence over its empire through soft power. History UK Europe Pacific Horn of Africa Africa China
rlmh news News: RLMH News - The Staff Ride: Spotlight on Training Officers before World War I 31 Oct 2013
Newly catalogued items in the RUSI Library of Military History illustrate how army commanders were prepared for war through the new training exercise known as the ‘Staff Ride’. History
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