Take Me Back to Constantinople - How Byzantium, not Rome, can help preserve Pax Americana
A lecture by Edward Luttwak, Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC) and author of The ...

Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature 2013
The Royal United Services Institute is pleased to announce that this year’s 2013 Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature – ...

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district commissioner RUSI Journal: Not Lawrence, but Lawrance: Transition in Afghanistan and After 21 Feb 2012
As the Afghan wind-down continues, the T E Lawrence myth is not helpful: Sir Arthur Lawrance is a better example Land Forces History Afghanistan Central and South Asia
JNA tank RUSI Journal: In Pursuit of Unity: The West and the Breakup of Yugoslavia 21 Feb 2012
Western leaders plotted the wrong course in 1991 as Yugoslavia fell apart – but new evidence suggests they had enough prescient intelligence at the time to do otherwise Europe History
Troops Afghanistan RUSI Journal: Influence, the Indirect Approach and Manoeuvre 21 Feb 2012
Influence, rather than being a radical new idea, has roots in a long tradition of manoeuvre warfare Land Forces History UK Europe
Bayly_Mountbatten_thumbnail RUSI Journal: Fighting and Talking: Politics and War in South and Southeast Asia, 1936-56 9 Dec 2011
Lord Louis Mountbatten is known today for his controversial role in overseeing Indian partition and independence but his efforts had a much more positive, long-lasting impact than is widely recognised History Pakistan Central and South Asia India
Bellamy_piracy_thumbnail RUSI Journal: Maritime Piracy: Return of the World's Second-oldest Security Problem 9 Dec 2011
The problem of piracy has long exercised the minds of statesmen and military strategists alike. A survey of this history offers a treasure trove of tried and tested solutions History Global Security Issues Horn of Africa Africa
RUSI Defence Systems: Barbarous Philosophers 28 Nov 2011 by Michael Codner
A review of Christopher Coker's reflections on the nature of war over 2,600 years - from Heraclitus to Heisenberg. History
The British Way of Making Strategy News: The British Way of Strategy-Making: Vital Lessons For Our Times 25 Oct 2011
The UK can no longer make effective national defence strategy as it once did, and the National Security Council (NSC) currently lacks the method and institutional frame to address future security threats, warns a new paper published by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in partnership with the new Humanities Research Institute (HRI) at the University of Buckingham. Defence Policy History
rlmh news News: RLMH News: A new vision for RUSI's Library of Military History 24 Oct 2011 by Laura Dimmock-Jones
Under a new Librarian, the RUSI Library of Military History will be undergoing a major strategy to preserve its collection and highlight its importance to the wider community. History
RUSI CREST RUSI Journal: General Templer and the Use of Geese as Watchdogs 17 Oct 2011
From the archives History
Simpson_Nuclear Stockpiles RUSI Journal: British Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles, 1953-78: A Commentary on Technical and Political Drivers 17 Oct 2011
The difficulties involved in determining historical warhead numbers may have lessons for contemporary disarmament efforts Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues History
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