Cyber Challenges for National Security
Debating how the new National Cyber Security Strategy, developments at the FCO Cyber Security Conference in early November, and ongoing debates ...

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Panetta CIA Director Analysis: The CIA in Transition 19 Jan 2009
Barack Obama’s appointment of an intelligence outsider as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency signals a break with Bush-era intelligence policy. If the Obama administration allows intelligence to rank low on their list of priorities, however, they risk neglecting the acute threat that terrorism and traditional espionage pose to the US today. Americas Intelligence United States Domestic Security Terrorism
RUSI Crest (content card) News: National Security and Resilience: the year ahead 6 Jan 2009
The New Year will be an exciting one for the RUSI National Security and Resilience Department. Firstly, 2009 will see a change of name – to the National Security and Resilience Department. We feel the new title better reflects our role and research interests as we continue to expand our research portfolio. Domestic Security UK Europe
Park RUSI Journal: Turkey's Deep State: Ergenekon and the Threat to Democratisation in the Republic 24 Oct 2008
This article explores the issues surrounding the Ergenekon scandal, a case which sheds light on the 'deep state' in Turkey. Domestic Security Turkey Europe
De menezes Analysis: Learning Lessons from the De Menezes Shooting 22 Sep 2008 by Dr Tobias Feakin
As the inquest into the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes in 2005 opens today, the task at hand should not only be to apportion blame but also to consider the technologies and the procedural changes required to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again. Domestic Security Terrorism Securing Britain July 7 Bombings
Turkish flag Analysis: Istanbul bombings – perfect timing for conspiracy theorists 28 Jul 2008
Those responsible for the latest atrocity in Istanbul could well have struck to coincide with the prevailing political crisis in Turkey. It remains to be seen whether their action has made any impact. Turkey Europe Terrorism Domestic Security
Police search Analysis: A Case against Extending Pre-Charge Detention 11 Jun 2008 by Anthony McGee
Pre-charge detention has now become the unsophisticated but easily observed weather vane of Government intent on security. Government must consider the rhetorical significance of extending detention. Domestic Security Terrorism Securing Britain UK Europe
Analysis: Counter-terrorism and national security 19 Mar 2008
The National Security Strategy re-emphasises the importance of the Prevent strand of the Government’s existing counter-terrorism strategy and describes the importance of the role of wider society in aiding effort across the ‘four Ps’. Terrorism Intelligence UK Europe Domestic Security Securing Britain
Analysis: A ‘Hard-Headed’ Approach to Risk? 19 Mar 2008
The Government’s National Security Strategy has provided a useful articulation of the great diversity of threats facing the UK. Does this articulation, along with its intention to create a National Risk Register, signal the adoption of a genuinely risked-based approach to security? Intelligence Domestic Security Terrorism UK Europe Securing Britain
Flood and Bird Analysis: Conference Report 12 Oct 2007
RUSI’s fourth annual resilience conference took place on 19-20 September 2007, supported by a diverse cast of speakers, perspectives and issues. The conference was framed around the idea of ‘delivering resilience’ and, to this end, sought to explore the themes, policies, mechanisms and organizations that are central to delivering resilience for the UK. Domestic Security UK Europe
RUSImotif News: RUSI Launches British Security Programme 5 Oct 2007
RUSI announces a new programme devoted to the contemporary challanges facing British Security Policy. Defence Policy Domestic Security
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