Members' Lecture -The Challenges Facing Defence
A lecture by Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB, Permanent Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence, UK. ...

Complex Programmes Management: Discovering What Really Gets Results
This event launches an innovative and collaborative research project bringing together a community of public, private and 3rd sector organisations to ...

Courage and Commitment: Doing the Job in Afghanistan, Supporting Personnel at Home
A lecture by the Rt. Hon. Bob Ainsworth MP, Secretary of State for Defence, UK. ...

Modern Society, Military Traditions: Effective Armed Forces in Today’s Britain
A lecture by Bill Rammell MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, UK. Defence is acting to reflect the values ...

Whither Welfare? Restructuring Welfare in the Military Community
Following the publication of the RUSI report, this workshop will bring together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to ...

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Defence Management

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RUSI Defence Systems: DE&S: Supporting the Front Line 28 Nov 2011
The minister for defence, equipment support and technology explains the role and achievements of the Defence Equipment and Support organisation Defence Policy Defence Management Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence
RUSI Defence Systems: Ministry of Defence Support to Defence Exports 28 Nov 2011
The minister for international security strategy outlines the coalition government’s latest work to help cut the deficit through its support to increased defence exports Defence Policy Defence Management UK Europe Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence
RUSI Defence Systems: ‘Punchbag MoD’ 28 Nov 2011
Recent criticism of the Ministry of Defence’s ability to control the cost of its Equipment Programme may be unfair and misleading Defence Policy Defence Management Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence
RUSI Defence Systems: The Next UK Defence Review Must Do Better 28 Nov 2011 by David Kirkpatrick
How might the SDSR be remedied? Defence Policy Defence Management UK Defence
MoD Plaque Analysis: UK Defence Acquisition: an encouraging year for major projects 17 Nov 2011 by Professor Trevor Taylor
The UK's National Audit Office has published its latest report assessing the Major Projects of the Ministry of Defence. The informative document reports only very limited cost overruns, and few of them can be seen as industry's responsibility. It also provokes thoughts about the government's accounting system and the protected position of the Joint Combat Aircraft in the British defence programme. Defence Policy Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence Defence Management UK Europe
German Parliament Thumb Analysis: Financial Imperatives for Germany's Security and Defence Policy 7 Nov 2011 by Dr Henrik Heidenkamp
Countries across Europe are under severe pressure to reduce their budget deficits, Germany is no different. This fiscal tightening may fundamentally affect Germany's security and defence policy. NATO International Institutions Defence Policy Europe Defence Management
Taylor_Defence Transformation RUSI Journal: From Defence Reform to Defence Transformation: Carrying Forward the Levene Report 17 Oct 2011 by Professor Trevor Taylor
As implementation of the Levene Report begins, are a new set of problems being created at the Ministry of Defence? Defence Policy Defence Management UK Defence UK Europe
Black Swan RUSI Journal: Ten Trends in Capability Planning for Defence and Security 7 Oct 2011
Western defence ministries are getting better at capability-based planning. But they need to do more Defence Management Aerospace Maritime Forces Land Forces
Mukherjee_Indian Defence Reform RUSI Journal: Facing Future Challenges: Defence Reform in India 7 Oct 2011
India's defence establishment is not befitting its growing status. Reform is urgently needed Defence Management India Central and South Asia
Cavanagh_UK SDSR RUSI Journal: Missed Opportunity: How Failures of Leadership Derailed the SDSR 7 Oct 2011
The problems the SDSR had to address spanned several governments. But the current administration should have done better Defence Management UK Defence UK Europe
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