Members' Lecture -The Challenges Facing Defence
A lecture by Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB, Permanent Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence, UK. ...

Complex Programmes Management: Discovering What Really Gets Results
This event launches an innovative and collaborative research project bringing together a community of public, private and 3rd sector organisations to ...

Courage and Commitment: Doing the Job in Afghanistan, Supporting Personnel at Home
A lecture by the Rt. Hon. Bob Ainsworth MP, Secretary of State for Defence, UK. ...

Modern Society, Military Traditions: Effective Armed Forces in Today’s Britain
A lecture by Bill Rammell MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, UK. Defence is acting to reflect the values ...

Whither Welfare? Restructuring Welfare in the Military Community
Following the publication of the RUSI report, this workshop will bring together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to ...

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Labour Party RUSI Defence Systems: Defence and the General Election: Labour's Defence Quagmire 4 Jan 2010
Amidst ongoing economic woes, defence has emerged as one of the most challenging policy areas for the Labour government. UK Europe Defence Management Defence Policy Agenda for the New Government Labour
Ministry of Defence plaque Analysis: Assessing Value for Money at the Ministry of Defence 18 Dec 2009 by Bill Kincaid CBE
The most arresting point made by the latest report from the National Audit Office concerns the slippage of major projects. It reveals that the majority of the increase in project costs is due 'to deliberate decisions to slip projects, taken corporately by the Department as part of a wider package designed to address a gap between estimated funding and the cost of the Defence budget over the next ten years'. Defence Policy Defence Management UK Europe Agenda for the New Government
Helicopter Carrier Analysis: The cost of Afghanistan to UK Defence 16 Dec 2009 by Michael Codner
Bring on new Chinooks. But the defence budget can't cover the needs of a long-term occupation Aerospace Land Forces Defence Policy Defence Management UK Europe Agenda for the New Government UK Defence Defence Spending
MoD logo Analysis: Defence Cuts: Something is going to give 16 Dec 2009 by Professor Michael Clarke
Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, has announced deep cuts in military personnel and equipment to fund a £900 million boost for the Afghanistan campaign. However the figures may not stack up. Something is going to give and in a big way. Defence is living through a slow motion road accident while it waits for the political wheel to turn and give it some strategic direction. Defence Management Defence Policy Land Forces Military Personnel UK Europe Agenda for the New Government
Nov 09 NB - Taylor RUSI Newsbrief: The Gray Report 24 Nov 2009 by Professor Trevor Taylor
The Gray Report offers one of the most revealing takes on the workings of the MoD available to the public, and expands in detail upon acknowledged problems Defence Management UK Europe Agenda for the New Government UK Defence Equipment and Acquisitions
Defence Acquisition conference Analysis: The Gray Report 9 Nov 2009 by Bill Kincaid CBE
The review of the government's acquisition programme should be welcomed by all who care about equipping our Armed Forces with the right equipment, at the right time, within an affordable programme - and it is to be hoped that this includes both present defence ministers and their successors after the next election. Defence Management Defence Policy Agenda for the New Government UK Europe
RAF Nimrod 100x100 Analysis: Two major reports on UK defence acquisition, two contrasting visions of reform 5 Nov 2009 by Professor Trevor Taylor
While both the Gray report on defence acquisition and the Haddon-Cave report on the Nimrod disaster cover a similar subject, they offer very different visions for future reform in the Ministry of Defence. Aerospace Defence Policy Defence Management UK Europe UK Defence Equipment and Acquisitions
RUSI Defence Systems: Potential of Renewable Energies 4 Nov 2009
How the German government's plan to replace fossil fuels with renewables will affect the German military sector Europe Defence Management Defence Policy
RUSI Defence Systems: Lean Green Fighting Machines? 4 Nov 2009
How the MoD can lower its carbon emissions in the near, medium and long terms Defence Policy Defence Management Technology UK Europe
RUSI Defence Systems: The Fully Burdened Cost of Energy 4 Nov 2009
How is energy currently used in defence, and how could it be used in the future? Defence Management Technology Defence Policy
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