Members' Lecture -The Challenges Facing Defence
A lecture by Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB, Permanent Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence, UK. ...

Complex Programmes Management: Discovering What Really Gets Results
This event launches an innovative and collaborative research project bringing together a community of public, private and 3rd sector organisations to ...

Courage and Commitment: Doing the Job in Afghanistan, Supporting Personnel at Home
A lecture by the Rt. Hon. Bob Ainsworth MP, Secretary of State for Defence, UK. ...

Modern Society, Military Traditions: Effective Armed Forces in Today’s Britain
A lecture by Bill Rammell MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, UK. Defence is acting to reflect the values ...

Whither Welfare? Restructuring Welfare in the Military Community
Following the publication of the RUSI report, this workshop will bring together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to ...

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Defence Management

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MoD Plaque RUSI Defence Systems: Just Part of a Flawed Culture 23 Jun 2010
Paul Beaver points to flawed processes as the cause of the UK's armoured vehicle procurement failures Defence Management UK Europe
Truckbmp RUSI Defence Systems: If It Looks Stupid, It Probably Is 23 Jun 2010
Brigadier (retired) Charles McBean suggests ways to ensure the mistakes of the past are not repeated Defence Management UK Europe
Mine Resistant Vehicle RUSI Defence Systems: Should all the Blame be Laid at MoD’s Door? 23 Jun 2010
Colonel Neil Polley considers the areas in which the MoD has improved its performance in armoured vehicle procurement Defence Management UK Europe
Defence Project Management Logo RUSI Defence Systems: Shaping the Future Defence Programme 23 Jun 2010
Sir Jeremy Blackham states that we must find a new approach to the upcoming Defence Review to ensure that a long-term perspective is maintained. Defence Management Defence Policy UK Europe
RUSI Acquisition Focusbmp RUSI Defence Systems: Acquisition in a Period of Severe Financial Restraint 23 Jun 2010
The RUSI Acquisition Focus identifies some major issues that will have to be resolved within defence equipment acquisition, including reform at the top of the MoD, management of complexity, MoD’s relationship with industry and improving the early stages of acquisition. UK Europe Defence Management Defence Policy
General Election Content Analysis: Leaders' Debate: Not Much to Choose in Principle, Just a Matter of Emphasis 23 Apr 2010 by Professor Michael Clarke
Seeing the effects of personal style on the outcome of last week’s debate, all three leaders tried to put their personality into the defence and security tussle; not an easy thing to do when trying to be a world figure. Agenda for the New Government Defence Management Defence Policy
Labour Party Analysis: The Labour Party View of Future Defence and Security Policy 21 Apr 2010
In this statement Gordon Brown outlines the challenges faced by the British armed forces over the last decade, reaffirming his support for their continuing presence in Afghanistan. He estimates an increase in defence spending next year while promising to reform procurement, reduce civilian staff and cut lower priority spending. He also outlines his goal to reduce Britain’s number of nuclear warheads while maintaining an independent nuclear deterrent. Defence Policy Agenda for the New Government Labour Defence Management
Conservative Logo Analysis: The Conservative Party View of Future Defence and Security Policy 21 Apr 2010
In this statement David Cameron outlines his plans to introduce a National Security Council, dedicated border force, Cyber Threat Assessment Centre and a permanent military Homeland Command for domestic emergency planning. He also reaffirms his support for British involvement in Afghanistan and the maintenance of an independent nuclear deterrent. Defence Policy Conservative Agenda for the New Government Defence Management
Liberal Democrats Analysis: The Liberal Democrats View of Defence and Security Policy 21 Apr 2010
In this statement Nick Clegg outlines his goal to move away from ‘default Atlantacism’ and towards a more concerted European defence partnership. He rules out a like-for-like replacement of Trident and promotes the possibility of increased equipment cooperation with European allies. Liberal Democrats Agenda for the New Government Defence Policy Defence Management
General Election Content Analysis: UK Election Interviews: What should our spending priorities be on defence? 20 Apr 2010
Part Four: Continuing their interview, General Sir Mike Jackson, Air Chief Marshal Sir Brian Burridge and Rear Admiral Chris Parry outline what the defence spending priorities should be for an incoming government on 6 May. Defence Policy Agenda for the New Government Defence Management UK Europe UK Defence Defence Spending
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