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SYRIA CRISIS BRIEFING: A Collision Course for Intervention

RUSI Analysis, 25 Jul 2012 By Colonel (Rtd.) Richard Kemp, Senior Associate Fellow; Michael Codner, Senior Research Fellow and Director of Personnel Services; Shashank Joshi, Senior Research Fellow; Dr Jonathan Eyal, International Director and International Studies Director

Free Syria Army Idlib February 2012 - Photo by tinyccSyriaFreedomThe Syrian crisis took a decisive new turn on 25 July. President Bashar al-Assad’s own future is now significantly less relevant to whatever will happen next in the country and external intervention, in some form, is now significantly more likely.

In this Briefing, experts detail the risks and challenges of intervention in Syria. Our contributors delve further into the internal and external aspects of this conflict, offering a sobering assessment ofthe prospects for Syria and the region.


In this Briefing

Options for Intervention
Richard Kemp

Assessing a Ground Intervention in Syria
Michael Codner

Syrian Chemical Weapons Stocks: A Choice of Risks and Evils
Paul Schulte

Transition From Assad
Shashank Joshi

Regional Players Move In
Dr Jonathan Eyal


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Hindustan Times/Reuters - Aleppo Battle Intensifies

International Business Times - Syria Civil War: 75,000 Troops Needed to Safely Dispose of Syria's Chemical Weapons Stockpile

Newstrack India - Western military intervention in Syria 'increasingly likely' to prevent conflict spreading to Arab

RiaNovosti - Generäle wenden sich von Assad ab - "Moskowskije Nowosti"

YeniSafak (Turkey) - Suriye'ye askeri müdahale yakýn mý?

CartaCapital (Brazil) - A nova Líbia?

Further Analysis: Syria, Middle East and North Africa, International Institutions, Global Security Issues

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