Kuwaiti TowersKuwait's Self-Flagellation Continues Kuwaiti politics is at standstill, even though an opposition election boycott in December 2012 led to a pro-government Kuwaiti Parliament. The deadlock is set to continue outside parliament as support for Musallam Al Barrack, the leading opposition personality grows.
24 Apr 2013

MusharrafMusharraf’s Arrest: No Meddling From Pakistan’s Military, For Now Former President Pervez Musharraf is now in custody as a result of a fateful decision to sack judges in 2007. His arrest is unprecedented as the Pakistani military refrains from intervening in a case which will see a military ruler indicted for the first time.
23 Apr 2013

Putin topless protestors thumbExhibitionists Against Autocrats Last week, Russia's Vladimir Putin was confronted with topless Ukraine protestors in Hannover. Autocrats have often been made to look uncomfortable, even foolish, by exhibitionist protest. Nudity was one way of showing contempt for authority in East Germany. There may be echoes of that for Putin's increasingly autocratic Russia.
19 Apr 2013

Boston Marathon thumbnailBoston Marathon: 'Keep Calm and Carry on Running' The authorities in the United States are rightly cautious in ascribing blame to yesterday's incident in Boston. The explosions - killing three and injuring over 140 - highlight the importance of securing public events without being governed by fear.
16 Apr 2013

al-Nusra Front thumbThe al-Nusra Front 'Merger': Underscoring the Growing Regionalisation of Al-Qa'ida There is much confusion over the supposed 'merger' between Syria's Jabhet al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq group. The confusion itself emphasisesthe erosion of Al-Qa'ida's supra-national aims and the reduced focus on Western targets.
15 Apr 2013

al-Nusra Front thumbThe Rise of al-Nusra The supposed 'merger' between the Syrian opposition group 'Jabhet al-Nusra' and Al-Qa'ida in Iraq is nothing new. But it underscores the Jihadist takeover of the Syrian opposition while moderates remain weak and divided and the humanitarian crisis worsens.
12 Apr 2013

Police portraitThe UK Counter-Terrorism Strategy: A Return on Investment The 2012 annual report for the UK's Counter-Terrorism (CONTEST) Strategy highlights the return on investment made in providing security for the Olympic Games. But success accrued at home must now be re-configured to meet the threat abroad.
10 Apr 2013

North Korea FlagA Familiar Crisis: Assessing North Korea's Threats In the Korean peninsula, the risk of war remains much lower than is suggested by the atmosphere of crisis, but a great deal will depend on what level of escalation Pyongyang deems necessary for political and deterrent purposes.
8 Apr 2013

Thatcher at RUSI 2001The Iron Lady's Mark on UK Foreign and Security Policy No one doubted that Margaret Thatcher was a uniquely significant figure in the United Kingdom's foreign and security policies.
8 Apr 2013

Iran flagIran's Legal Challenge to Sanctions: Another Hurdle for Talks? While all eyes are on Almaty and Istanbul, what happens in Luxembourg and London might also affect nuclear talks with Iran. Sanctions are coming under successful legal challenge.
3 Apr 2013

Cyprus EU flagCyprus: the Mouse That Roared The eastern Mediterranean has been spring loaded for an international political crisis for many months now. Is the Cypriot Euro crisis the mouse that finally sets off the trap?
27 Mar 2013

Standard Missile III SM-3Missile Defence Pivots Away from Europe? The Obama Administration has announced a shift in emphasis for missile defence capabilities away from Europe to the US mainland. While this could help allay Russian concerns about the NATO system, Moscow's leaders may require more confidence-building measures.
25 Mar 2013

MoD PlaqueThe Squeeze Continues - UK Defence Spending and the 2013 Budget UK defence spending was further squeezed in the 2013 Budget announcement. It is likely to face additional cuts for 2015/16 in the 2015 Spending Review. The defence budget for subsequent years may depend on how the 2015 Spending Review shares the burden of future austerity between expenditure cuts and tax rises.
25 Mar 2013

Iran flagIran and the Iraq War of 2003: the Real Victor? The Iraq War emboldened hawks in the United States and Iran. Increasingly obsessed with each other, they shunned pragmatism for an ideology of confrontation which saw both sides expend political and economic capital they could not afford for ambitions that were beyond them.
24 Mar 2013

Greece EuroThe Next Domino: Cyprus and the Euro Crisis The Cyprus financial crisis again begs the question: how long can the Euro-structure survive these periodic tremours, especially since every single shock which comes is bigger and has a deeper structural impact than its predecessor.
22 Mar 2013

Saddam statue topplesIraq Ten Years On - a Troubled Past and Unpredictable Future Iraq is as volatile as it was after the fall of Saddam in 2003. Politics are fought along sectarian lines, and grievances run deep. Nevertheless, Iraq remains united and has the potential to be a regional, and democratic, powerhouse.
21 Mar 2013

Zim moneyIs Britain the Organised Crime Capital of Europe? A new EUROPOL assessment highlights the scale of the threat coming from organised crime in Europe. Half of the major investigations pursued by EUROPOL have links to Britain. Fighting organised crime can no longer be the poor relation to tackling the threat from international terrorism.
19 Mar 2013

Saddam statue topplesIraq War - Ten Years On We mark the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War by asking our analysts to offer their perspectives, and highlighting key material from our archives
22 Mar 2013

ANA Soldier HeadThe Afghan National Army: An Army for the Nation? The Afghan National Army is seen by many policy-makers as the only viable 'exit strategy' for NATO forces. While NATO has made significant progress in developing it as a professional armed force, the army has major hurdles ahead before it attains full control in 2015.
14 Mar 2013

Yemen ProtestThe Strategic Vacuum in Yemen Delegates at a ministerial conference in London on 7 March were urged to release more funds to help Yemen. However, such funds will be divested in a strategic vacuum, and paves the way for a perfect storm for Yemen and the International community.
13 Mar 2013

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