ISIS fightersHow the Islamic State Sustains Itself: The Importance of the War Economy in Syria and Iraq The spectacular advances made by ISIS have brought focus to the group’s sources of financing, but is the international response and the securing of a UN Security Council Resolution too late given the impressive internal, war economy model the group has developed?
29 Aug 2014

PutinWe Need to Rethink how We Engage with Russia There are compelling reasons to de-escalate the crisis between the West and Russia over Ukraine. To do this Russia must stop seeing the world in zero-sum terms, and the West must understand Russia’s security concerns.
29 Aug 2014

Richard BarrettTo Counter ISIS the UK must Help Regional Partners to Create a New, Legitimate Order ISIS threatens long-term disorder across the Middle East. The UK does not need draconian legislation at home, but strong diplomacy and co-operation with its partners in the region to help them achieve long-term stability.
28 Aug 2014

British Jihadists in an ISIS video 21 June 2014Is ISIS a Threat to the UK? The murder of American journalist James Foley brought global attention to the menace of ISIS. But what kind of a threat does the group actually pose beyond the Levant?
21 Aug 2014

ISIS fightersArm Moderates to Fight ISIS in Syria, Not Just in Iraq ISIS cannot be defeated in Iraq alone. The fight must be joined in Syria and the task falls to the armed members of the mainstream Syrian opposition.
20 Aug 2014

Iraqi Kurdistan FlagResolving the Kurdish Question in Iraq Having inherited an Iraq at risk of bring overrun by ISIS, the new Iraqi Prime Minister would do well to develop a ‘twin-speed Iraq’ policy with a separate ‘Erbil policy’ and a ‘Baghdad policy’ within the framework of a unified Iraq.
18 Aug 2014

ISIS FlagHave We Misunderstood the Threat from ISIS? Having sent special forces to assess the humanitarian threat from ISIS in the Sinjar Mountains, the United States now says situation was not as bad as feared. But this assessment ignores the existential threat posed by ISIS to the Middle East and beyond
14 Aug 2014

Tornado GR4British Options in Iraq: Capabilities, Strategies, and Risks Pressure is building for the government to recall parliament over the crisis in Iraq and consider intervening alongside US forces. But what are the options for Britain, and what risks do they carry?
13 Aug 2014

ISIS FlagThe US Attack on ISIS – Fool Us Once, Shame On You; Fool Us Twice, Shame on Us; Fool Us Thrice…? While the US relies on limited air attacks and equips the peshmerga as a defensive rather than offensive force, the initiative remains with ISIS, as does the opportunity for them to exploit their opponents’ continued strategic miscalculation.
11 Aug 2014

The RUSI Roll of Honour: Real War, Real People As the Great War centenary commemorations get under way, there is an opportunity to look more closely at the realities of the conflict. RUSI’s Roll of Honour, listing the more than 500 members of the Institute who died between August 1914 and November 1918, is one such window on the past.
6 Aug 2014

Kerry and foreign ministers of Turkey and Qatar thumbThe Gaza War: Mission Creep and Tunnel Vision The war in Gaza is within touching distance of 2008–09’s Operation Cast Lead, in intensity, lethality and destructiveness. Yet expanding Israeli objectives and Hamas’ obstinacy are preventing a ceasefire.
30 Jul 2014

Illegal tusks - photo courtesy of World Wildlife FundIllicit Wildlife Crime: Entrenched in the Crime, Conflict, and Terror Nexus Once the domain of organised crime syndicates, the illicit wildlife trade is increasingly becoming a major source of income for non-state armed groups. Will the fusion of armed groups and criminal enterprise fuel conflicts indefinitely?
23 Jul 2014

Wreckage of flight MH17Examining the Evidence of the MH17 Crash As speculation and uncertainty surrounds the downing of MH17, we scrutinise the conspiracy theories, examining the current evidence and the potential course of the upcoming investigation.
23 Jul 2014

EU-Russia Summit Jan 2014The Ball Back in Putin’s Court: European Sanctions European Union member states are struggling to form a united front to enforce sanctions against Russia following the downing of flight MH17. For sanctions to be effective, Europe needs to focus on how effective they are willing to make them and how far they are willing to commit to them.
23 Jul 2014

Market in UrumqiChina’s Domestic Insurgency Five years on from the most lethal rioting seen in China for decades, Beijing has still not managed to refine its strategy towards Xinjiang. Problems in the province increasingly resemble a domestic insurgency needing a comprehensive preventative approach
23 Jul 2014

Gaza CityGaza Diplomacy: Disjointed, Immature, and Ineffective In the current Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza, with a half-brokered ceasefire already rejected, no one ideal mediator exists. It is therefore imperative is to bring together all of the would-be arbitrators in a more structured process.
22 Jul 2014

European Union FlagDowning Flight MH17: Will the Europeans Get Tougher on Russia? For Ukrainians who have shed blood in pursuit of closer ties with the EU, the reticence of European leaders to sanction Russia is at best incomprehensible, and at worst a betrayal. The downing of flight MH17 must finally bring a strong response if Brussels is to maintain any credibility.
21 Jul 2014

Hong Kong flagShould the UK Support the Hong Kong Protests? The UK government has been roundly criticised for failing to voice its support for an increasingly vocal coalition of pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong, as they demand universal suffrage in elections for the territory’s Chief Executive in 2017. Yet should the UK take heed of its critics?
21 Jul 2014

British Somme thumbBringing the Great War to a New Generation The Imperial War Museum is about to unveil its new First World War Galleries to the public. But what lessons can be drawn from these galleries about how to help a new generation connect with a 100-year-old conflict?
18 Jul 2014

Wreckage of flight MH17The Downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Russia in the Dock Did Russian rebels in Ukraine mistakenly shoot down the Malaysian airliner? Russian President Vladimir Putin will try to deny any responsibility, but at the very least his country bears a moral culpability for the episode, and Russia will pay a heavy diplomatic price for this tragedy.
18 Jul 2014

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