ISIS targets in Syria struck by US Tomahawk cruise missilesStriking ISIS: How Do We Know if We’re Winning? While official footage of air strikes against ISIS targets provide good optics, they are not a reliable in measuring the success of the broader military strategy against the group.
2 Oct 2014

Pathfinder Parachuting During Exercise Eagles Eye MoD Image c Crown CopyrightDealing With ISIS Through ‘Boots with Wings’ If we are to opt for ‘boots on the ground’ in confronting ISIS, military planners should consider airmobile forces that promise agility, force projection and most importantly, a temporary time-span.
30 Sep 2014

Iraqi ArmyWhat it Will Take to Degrade ISIS? Air strikes against ISIS will inevitably lead to ‘boots on the ground’. Those boots must be worn by Sunni Arabs focusing on Iraq
29 Sep 2014

Tornado sunsetBackgrounder: Airstrikes against ISIS As Britain decides on action in Iraq, RUSI experts examine the growth of ISIS, the regional issues at stake and the strategic considerations of use of air power.
26 Sep 2014

How to Influence ISIS: Through the Air or Through the Message? With US led airstrikes underway against ISIS, questions remain over how best to define and influence ISIS and their supporters.
25 Sep 2014

Tornado GR4British Air Strikes Options in the Middle East: Lessons from Libya As the United Kingdom gears up for air operations over Iraq and perhaps Syria, lessons can be drawn from a similar multinational operation in Libya in 2011.
25 Sep 2014

Saudi Air Force PilotCoalition of the Willing? Analysing Arab Interests in Fighting the ISIS With Arab states also taking part in strikes against ISIS on 22 September, are we witnessing a new dawn of Middle Eastern multilateralism that may one day involve Iran?
24 Sep 2014

F22 and F15Air Strikes in Syria – Assessing the Initial Attack Plan In initiating action against ISIS in Syria, the US operation sees combat use of the F-22 stealth fighter for the first time and Gulf states deploying their air assets for power projection in the region.
23 Sep 2014

Jabhat al-NusraAir Strikes in Syria: Who Benefits? Airstrikes are now underway against jihadists in Syria. As ISIS’ grip weakens, the United States and her allies must work quickly to ensure Assad does not fill the void.
23 Sep 2014

UK OK poster from the Better Together Campaign for ScotlandNever the Same Again – What the Referendum Means for the UK and the World The people of Scotland have opted to stay in the United Kingdom. But does it settle the question for a generation? The next few years will be spent working out a new constitutional equilibrium.
19 Sep 2014

Narendra Modi meets  Xi Jinping of China in New Delhi September 2014 Indian Foreign Ministry photoXi and Modi: Continuity in Sino-Indian relations Xi Jinping has begun the first visit by a Chinese president to India for eight years, with a new prime minister in Delhi. But how do we reconcile the bonhomie in Delhi, with thousands of troops squaring off at the border?
18 Sep 2014

Barack Obama White House Briefing June 2014Assessing Obama’s ISIS strategy In a shift in policy, President Obama announced on 10 September 2014 cross-border operations to challenge the jihadists of ISIS. The strategy’s success rests on the cooperation of neighbouring countries and the ability to sustain the campaign for the long-term.
11 Sep 2014

The Interview FilmIs a Hollywood Film Threatening War in the Korean Peninsula? North Korea’s fury against the comedy film The Interview appears to have been misinterpreted by international media as a laughable ‘declaration of war’ against the United States. In reality, it forms part of a broader, recent rhetorical strategy on the part of Pyongyang.
29 Aug 2014

ISIS fightersHow the Islamic State Sustains Itself: The Importance of the War Economy in Syria and Iraq The spectacular advances made by ISIS have brought focus to the group’s sources of financing, but is the international response and the securing of a UN Security Council Resolution too late given the impressive internal, war economy model the group has developed?
29 Aug 2014

PutinWe Need to Rethink how We Engage with Russia There are compelling reasons to de-escalate the crisis between the West and Russia over Ukraine. To do this Russia must stop seeing the world in zero-sum terms, and the West must understand Russia’s security concerns.
29 Aug 2014

Richard BarrettTo Counter ISIS the UK must Help Regional Partners to Create a New, Legitimate Order ISIS threatens long-term disorder across the Middle East. The UK does not need draconian legislation at home, but strong diplomacy and co-operation with its partners in the region to help them achieve long-term stability.
28 Aug 2014

British Jihadists in an ISIS video 21 June 2014Is ISIS a Threat to the UK? The murder of American journalist James Foley brought global attention to the menace of ISIS. But what kind of a threat does the group actually pose beyond the Levant?
21 Aug 2014

ISIS fightersArm Moderates to Fight ISIS in Syria, Not Just in Iraq ISIS cannot be defeated in Iraq alone. The fight must be joined in Syria and the task falls to the armed members of the mainstream Syrian opposition.
20 Aug 2014

Iraqi Kurdistan FlagResolving the Kurdish Question in Iraq Having inherited an Iraq at risk of bring overrun by ISIS, the new Iraqi Prime Minister would do well to develop a ‘twin-speed Iraq’ policy with a separate ‘Erbil policy’ and a ‘Baghdad policy’ within the framework of a unified Iraq.
18 Aug 2014

ISIS FlagHave We Misunderstood the Threat from ISIS? Having sent special forces to assess the humanitarian threat from ISIS in the Sinjar Mountains, the United States now says situation was not as bad as feared. But this assessment ignores the existential threat posed by ISIS to the Middle East and beyond
14 Aug 2014

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