EU-Russia Summit Jan 2014The Ball Back in Putin’s Court: European Sanctions European Union member states are struggling to form a united front to enforce sanctions against Russia following the downing of flight MH17. For sanctions to be effective, Europe needs to focus on how effective they are willing to make them and how far they are willing to commit to them.
23 Jul 2014

Market in UrumqiChina’s Domestic Insurgency Five years on from the most lethal rioting seen in China for decades, Beijing has still not managed to refine its strategy towards Xinjiang. Problems in the province increasingly resemble a domestic insurgency needing a comprehensive preventative approach
23 Jul 2014

Gaza CityGaza Diplomacy: Disjointed, Immature, and Ineffective In the current Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza, with a half-brokered ceasefire already rejected, no one ideal mediator exists. It is therefore imperative is to bring together all of the would-be arbitrators in a more structured process.
22 Jul 2014

European Union FlagDowning Flight MH17: Will the Europeans Get Tougher on Russia? For Ukrainians who have shed blood in pursuit of closer ties with the EU, the reticence of European leaders to sanction Russia is at best incomprehensible, and at worst a betrayal. The downing of flight MH17 must finally bring a strong response if Brussels is to maintain any credibility.
21 Jul 2014

Hong Kong flagShould the UK Support the Hong Kong Protests? The UK government has been roundly criticised for failing to voice its support for an increasingly vocal coalition of pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong, as they demand universal suffrage in elections for the territory’s Chief Executive in 2017. Yet should the UK take heed of its critics?
21 Jul 2014

British Somme thumbBringing the Great War to a New Generation The Imperial War Museum is about to unveil its new First World War Galleries to the public. But what lessons can be drawn from these galleries about how to help a new generation connect with a 100-year-old conflict?
18 Jul 2014

Wreckage of flight MH17The Downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Russia in the Dock Did Russian rebels in Ukraine mistakenly shoot down the Malaysian airliner? Russian President Vladimir Putin will try to deny any responsibility, but at the very least his country bears a moral culpability for the episode, and Russia will pay a heavy diplomatic price for this tragedy.
18 Jul 2014

Turkey flagTurkey’s Response to ISIS and the Crisis in Iraq Turkey may now regret its earlier decision to allow and support un-vetted foreign fighters into Syria through their borders. Yet, even though ISIS fighters kidnapped Turkish diplomats in Mosul, Ankara is sticking to its policy of demanding change in Syria and Iraq.
16 Jul 2014

Euroradar CAPTORUK Funding for ‘Captor-E’ AESA Radar Announced – Better Late than Never The UK government has finally committed to funding ‘Captor-E’ AESA integration into the Typhoon fighter-jet programme. The move will provide greatly increased capabilities for the RAF’s Typhoon fleet but might also be in time to revive the aircraft’s hopes on the global export market.
15 Jul 2014

 A female African Bush Elephant raises her trunk as a warning sign in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania Wikimedia Commons pIs the Nexus Between the Illegal Wildlife and Forestry Trade and Transnational Security Finally Being Taken Seriously? Deprived of traditional methods of funding from donor countries and the diaspora, terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab are turning to the illegal wildlife and forestry trade to sustain their activities.
15 Jul 2014

After the War on Terror 2The Four Types of the Returning Jihadi There have been renewed warnings of young Britons going to Syria and coming back as a potential threat to the UK itself. It is however, to critically assess this concern and recognise the potential threat from returning Jihadis.
8 Jul 2014

Ajit Doval [thumbnail]India’s National Security Advisor: What advice will Modi receive? India’s new National Security Advisor is a highly respected intelligence officer, whose extensive writings show him to be a cautious hawk with a strong focus on internal security.
29 Jun 2014

Ukraine flagUkraine, the European Union and Russia: a Game of Absolutes? Ukraine has finally signed economic agreement with the European Union which will further add to the tense atmosphere between Ukraine and Russia. As Ukraine faces West, Ukraine will have to assert its own political independence without alienating Russia.
29 Jun 2014

Maliki voting Iraq electionsDesperate for Air Support, Maliki Turns to Russia (and now Iran)* Exasperated at the lack of air support to from the United States to fight ISIS, the Iraqi government has purchased second-hand Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia and Belarus. But how effective will they be in confronting the Jihadist threat on Baghdad’s door?
29 Jun 2014

RUSI and Great WarDivided Memory: Popular and Academic Perception of the Great War The Centenary presents the opportunity to draw popular and academic assessments of the Great War closer together.
28 Jun 2014

Barack Obama 2Decoding Obama’s Iraq speech President Obama wants to contain ISIS, force Iraq to heal its sectarian divisions, and limit American exposure to the conflict. His is struggling to craft a strategy that can meet all three objectives.
20 Jun 2014

ISIS fightersBriefing - The New Rules of the Game in Iraq Based on interviews in Iraq, some leaders, particularly in Kurdistan, suggest that Iraq ‘post-Mosul’ can never recover to what it was ‘pre-Mosul’ and, far from being a retrievable situation, the future of Iraq is one of conflict and division.
18 Jun 2014

Iran flagIran and America in Iraq: a Great Rapprochement, or Hot Air? The crisis in Iraq appear to have united the US and Iran against the jihadists of ISIS. But claims of a historic rapprochement, let alone collaboration, are wildly overblown.
17 Jun 2014

Abandoned Iraqi army vehicle and uniforms on the road from Mosul to Erbil Photo by [c] Sofia BarbaraniIraq Crisis: Dispatch from the North This week, as the international community considers how best to reverse the gains of ISIS, RUSI analyst Michael Stephens offers first-hand perspectives from Erbil, in the Kurdish heartland of what is still Iraq. Each day he will be offering his thoughts and encounters from the ground.
17 Jun 2014

US Options on the Table for Iraq – Taliban Lessons for Afghanistan The Taliban are taking note as militants seize large swathes of Iraq. As the United States considers its options, it must do so bearing in mind its decisions in Iraq – whatever they may be –may well affect the drawdown in Afghanistan.
14 Jun 2014

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