Ministry of DefenceThe UK Governmentís New Plan for Defence and Industry: A Fresh Approach to Procurement? On 1 February 2012, the UK government published its long awaited on defence procurement. It sets a vision intending to reform Britain's fraught acquisition and procurement process, but the challenge will be at the implementation stage.
2 Feb 2012

Hague FCO FlickrBeyond Rhetoric: Could the Heightened Falklands Debate Threaten British Strategic Interests In Latin America? Relations between Latin America and the UK are at a level unseen for almost two centuries, but attempts by Argentina to diplomatically isolate the UK from the region over the Falkland Islands could seriously impact British strategic interests across the continent.
31 Jan 2012

Mugabe ThumbCentral Africa and Southern Africa: Elections and Economics Predictions of a 'sub-Saharan spring' in southern Africa have as yet proved unfounded, but elections in the DRCongo and Zimbabwe are proving to be risky in the current climate of domestic turmoil.
30 Jan 2012

Shabaab PlasmatikFlickrEastern Africa: A Regional Stake in Counter-Insurgency Somalia will continue to dominate the 2012 agenda for East African states as the humanitarian impact of famine and ongoing fighting pulls in regional and international actors. Now embroiled in military operations, Kenya also faces a big year for domestic politics. Other regional dynamics are tying together Uganda and South Sudan, and Kenya and Eritrea, who are all facing political challenges.
30 Jan 2012

Nigeria Soldiers ThumbWest Africa: Regional Security Comes to the Fore With fewer elections scheduled for 2012 in West Africa, the emphasis will shift to regional security and dealing with complex security threats. Terrorist groups and local militias are still a major problem, while religious conflict and instability threaten the regionís largest economy; Nigeria.
30 Jan 2012

Typhoon take-offIndiaís procurement of a European Fighter India is setting its sights on a new medium range combat aircraft from Europe. The competition to sell new aircraft to India is part of an increased engagement by European defence manufacturers in Asia, set against the backdrop of an economic downturn and shifting regional geopolitics.
16 Jan 2012

Persian GulfThe Dawn Of A Civil Nuclear Age In The Gulf Iranís pursuit of a nuclear energy programme has created deep tensions and fear across the Middle East and the West. Despite this, and the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, countries in the Gulf are now embarking on radical nuclear energy programmes with greater cooperation from the West.
11 Jan 2012

Khomeni Iranian Revolutionary GuardIran and the West: Playing a Zero-Sum Game The killing of a nuclear scientist in Tehran may well be the latest in a line of skirmishes between Iran and its American-led adversaries. Both sides are playing a zero-game, and neither coercive actions nor more negotiations are likely to bring a durable settlement.
11 Jan 2012

florence anti-extremism demoNot Welcome Here: The Resurgence Of Far-Right Wing Extremism In Europe The recent spate of extremist murders across Europe may indicate a growing European malaise where xenophobia and anti-minority hatred is becoming acceptable. Yet events in Britain, where two men have been convicted for an era-defining racist murder, could herald a change in attitudes and be an example for the rest of Europe.
9 Jan 2012

US DoDNew US Defence Strategy: Why Obama is Abandoning America's Commitment to Fight Two Major Wars President Obama's new defence strategy purportedly removes the United States historic commitment to fight two major theatre wars simultaneously. Despite the strategic and financial rationale, he will have to sell this departure in strategy to the American public.
9 Jan 2012

US DoDNew US Defence Strategy: Implications for the United States Air Force President Obama's new defence strategy with its reorientation towards the Pacific is good news for airpower and the US Air Force. Despite proposed budget cuts, there will be a continued reliance on strategic air assets.
9 Jan 2012

Analysis Podcast thumbTackling Piracy off the Coast of Somalia Lizz Pearson speaks with analyst Dominick Donald who recently wrote in the RUSI Journal analysing the piracy threat off the coast of Somalia.
6 Jan 2012

TalibanWhy has the Taliban opened an office in Qatar? The Talibanís establishment of an office in Doha suggests a progression towards the transition long sought after by the United States. The choice of Qatar further cements the Gulf stateís ambition to be a diplomatic powerhouse.
4 Jan 2012

2012 buttonSomalia's 2012 Agenda Somalia has until August to complete political reform, inaugurate a new constitution and hold national elections before the end of the transitional period. It must also capitalise on the Kenyan incursion to rout Al-Shabaab and establish security in this enduring weak state, making 2012 a make-or-break year for Somalia.
4 Jan 2012

North Korean rallyThe Dear Leader is dead, will the regime follow? As North Koreaís leadership transitions, Kim Jong-un will have to contend with a region that is undergoing significant geopolitical change whilst also dealing with possible challenges to his own fledgling regime.
20 Dec 2011

2012 buttonVIDEO: Perspectives for 2012 RUSI Director General Professor Michael Clarke offers his defence and international security perspectives for the year ahead.
16 Dec 2011

2012 buttonChina 2012: the Year of the Dragon In 2012, the Asia-Pacific region will not be immune to transition, and China's dominant role will be emphasised in its relationship with Taiwan and the wider region.
16 Dec 2011

2012 buttonAftershocks and Transitions: an Unashamedly Speculative Look at 2012 If this year brought us an earthquake, then 2012 will be a year of aftershocks and transitions. Speculate as we might, we must still prepare for the predictable but watch for the surprises.
15 Dec 2011

2012 buttonWhere do we go From Here? Transitioning from Dictatorship to Democracy in 2012 The democratic gains made from the Arab Spring are by no means assured. 2012 will see would-be democracies challenged to respond to and enable an historical transformation from dictatorship to democracy.
15 Dec 2011

2012 buttonAfghans must take ownership of security in 2012 With President Obamaís decision to reduce troop numbers throughout 2012 in Afghanistan, there will be an urgent emphasis to support Afghan forces fully take charge of their national security.
14 Dec 2011

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