China America FlagBetween Barack and a Hard Place: Asian Regional Integration in the Shadow of Superpower Rivalry The recent visit by Barack Obama to Southeast Asia is a clear elucidation of his Administration’s ambitions for the region. It is becoming clear that both China and the US are competing for regional influence, forcing the ASEAN states to walk a tightrope in their engagement with the two major powers.
28 Nov 2012

Iraqi Kurdistan FlagTension on the Trigger-Line As the eyes of the world are focused on Israel and Gaza, tension in northern Iraq between the Kurdish regional government and the Maliki administration has been mounting. Any violence between the two factions would be a disaster for Iraq.
26 Nov 2012

Erdogan thumbnailTurkey Defers to Egypt Turkey’s grander regional ambitions have been thwarted by its alienation of important regional players. Now a more inward looking Turkey has adopted a supporting role as Erdogan positions himself for a run at the Turkish presidency.
23 Nov 2012

Iron DomeBeyond the Iron Dome: Placing Missile Defence in its Regional Context The latest crisis between Israel and Palestine highlighted the utility of the Israel Defence Force’s Iron Dome system. It emphasises once again the importance of missile defence and has gained the attention of the United States. Still deemed as a key US priority, it sees cooperation with Israel as integral to developing future capabilities.
23 Nov 2012

Hamas HQ Gaza bombingA Tenuous Ceasefire in Gaza In the latest Gaza conflict, neither side has 'won'. The ceasefire as it stands does no more than restore a fraught status quo, one that will almost certainly crumble again in the absence of dramatic political shifts in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank.
23 Nov 2012

Hamas HQ Gaza bombingOperation Pillar of Defence: Israel’s Strategic Objectives The ongoing Operation Pillar of Defence is the latest manifestation of Israeli efforts to disarm Hamas of its supply of long range missiles and to demonstrate to Hamas’ leadership the strategic miscalculation of using force to pursue its objectives.
19 Nov 2012

Gaza CityIsrael's Strategic Gamble in Gaza The engagement with Hamas and the subsequent escalation of force after Hamas’s response represents a strategic gamble by the Netanyahu government. While on the tactical level the operation has parallels with Operation Cast Lead, the wider strategic context has changed since 2009.
19 Nov 2012

Gaza civiliansTahrir Squared: Egypt, Israel and Gaza The regional strategic context stands in contrast to 2008-2009. The government in Cairo is now much more sensitive to popular sentiment, which has been enflamed by the violence. Egypt’s reaction to the conflict will be of keen interest to regional observers.
19 Nov 2012

GotovinaThe Gotovina Verdict Does Not Wipe the Slate Clean A previous judgement to indict two Croatian generals of war crimes during 1995 has been overturned on appeal. While their conduct is deemed within the reasonable demands of a military offensive, Serbian prejudices against the War Crimes Tribunal process will be reinforced.
19 Nov 2012

Mali MapCrisis in Mali: Is Military Intervention Really Inevitable? With the northern part of Mali now under militant hands, regional countries are being left with no option but to provide a credible threat to intervene militarily. But will neighbouring states be able to sustain their intervention?
15 Nov 2012

Syrian FlagSyrian Politics in Doha The latest attempt to unite Syria’s opposition, with US and Qatari support, has led to the creation of a new Syrian coalition. To succeed, they need the buy-in of as many Syrian stakeholders as possible, as well as a concrete mechanism for governing the country and bringing the civil war to an end.
14 Nov 2012

Marching British SoldiersFuture Reserves 2020 The UK Government has announced plans to give a greater role to Army Reserves. These proposals offer better career paths for reservists. Successful implementation will require a cultural shift within the forces, particularly among the regulars, and support from employers.
13 Nov 2012

Obama Presidential SealThe Obama Effect Is Yet to Infect Brand-USA This week was actually a double-victory for Barak Obama, who won both the White House and the title of first Western leader to survive re-election for some time. According to the polls, it was also a victory for America's international appeal.
8 Nov 2012

Presidential SealCongress and the President: Compromise or Confrontation? Now the election is over and the composition of Congress is known, both Republicans and Democrats must come to a compromise to ensure the smooth running of US foreign policy and to avert the looming threat of sequestration.
8 Nov 2012

EurofighterBritain and the Gulf States The UK Prime Minister’s visit to the Gulf region was dominated by the need to solidify defence ties and repair recently strained political relations. By Mohammed Shakeel
7 Nov 2012

PoppyRemembering the Fallen in 2012 For Remembrance Day, we highlight a selection of articles commemorating the fallen, the act of remembrance in Britain today.
29 Oct 2012

Latin AmericaWill America Look South? US Policy in Latin America Latin America received a brief, but important, mention in the recent US presidential debates. However the region’s importance to the US is pronounced and will only grow in the future. The US needs to take tangible steps to better relations with the region and its important players. By Michael Shifter
26 Oct 2012

Kuwaiti TowersKuwait Enters an Uncertain and More Violent Era Kuwait’s opposition have announced they are boycotting upcoming Parliamentary elections after an Emiri decree changed the election law. This will worsen the political divide and escalate the violence of clashes.
25 Oct 2012

Lebanon crisisLebanon in Limbo: No Escaping the Syrian Gales The 14 October assassination of top intelligence official Wissam al-Hassan has underscored that Lebanon cannot disconnect itself from Syria. The Lebanese state will be put under severe stress in the months ahead.
24 Oct 2012

State DepartmentAssessing American Power: Defence and Security Survey 2012 RUSI's third annual survey of its defence and security community assesses the role and place in the United States in the world. Published during the US presidential election campaign, the survey takes stock of the Obama presidency and the proespects for US foreign policy.
24 Oct 2012

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