Antimicrobial ResistanceBACKGROUND: The Danger of Antobiotics Resistance In her second annual report, the UK's Chief Medical officer has warned that the danger posed by growing resistance to antibiotics should be ranked along with terrorism on a list of threats to the nation.
11 Mar 2013

Flood 2Adapting to Flood Risk in the Twenty-First Century The frequency, severity and duration of flood events is increasing. With five million properties in the UK and 58 per cent of agricultural land at risk, do we need to look more radically at how we adapt for the future?
11 Mar 2013

Argo poster'And the Best Film Goes to...' Argo Raises Awkward Questions and Consternation for Iran The Iranian regime is none too pleased with Argo winning best film at the Oscars. It feeds into Iranian conspiracy theories about the United States, and highlights the tricky role the current Supreme Leader had during the US Embassy Hostage Crisis of 1979.
27 Feb 2013

Iran flagTo Be or Not to Be: Fact and Fiction in the Nuclear Fatwa Debate There has been much talk about a fatwa - a juristic ruling issued by Iran's Supreme Leader outlawing the use of nuclear weapons. But how binding is this ruling and has it actually been made?
25 Feb 2013

Birmingham 3 February 2013The Birmingham Terrorist Plotters: Lessons for Counter-Terrorism Today The convictions of three Birmingham residents of a terrorist plot reveal classic linkages between homegrown bombers and Pakistan. The supply side of the terrorist threat in the UK continues to prove a problem.
22 Feb 2013

US DoDThe 'S Word': The Sequestration Fight and the US Defence Budget For nearly a year US political leaders have been fighting over the federal budget. By 1 March they must either reach a deal or implement automatic and deep cuts drastically affecting the running of the military and the defence industry which it procures from.
20 Feb 2013

UAV in IraqDrones in the Service of Peace: Unmanned Aircraft in UN Deployments Long associated with the CIA's targeted killing programme, there are concerns that drones are a weapons system out of control. But a suggestion to deploy them on the UN mission in the Congo underscores the potential the system has in keeping the peace.
18 Feb 2013

Terrorism 2011 imageAn Insight into Jihadist Strategy in the Sahel The revelation of documents from fleeing jihadists in Mali reveals a centrally-directed attempt to achieve all the old Al-Qa'ida ambitions: to ally with other political movements in order to hijack them.
14 Feb 2013

North Korea Nuclear motifThe Death of Nuclear Talks with North Korea North Korea’s latest nuclear test has resulted in a familiar chorus of international condemnation. Surprisingly, the only meaningful change in rhetoric has come from the regime itself. Pyongyang now implies its nuclear programme is no longer up for negotiation.
14 Feb 2013

North Korea Nuclear motifWhat Does North Korea's Warhead Test Tell Us About its Nuclear Capabilities? Seismic signals detected around the world indicate that North Korea has successfully conducted its third nuclear test, and taken a step towards a more potent nuclear deterrent. But without more information, it is very hard to say just how big this step is.
12 Feb 2013

Khamenei squareKhamenei, US-Iran Talks, and the Nuclear Dispute Ayatollah Khamenei has firmly rejected the prospect of direct US-Iran talks, but his remarks should be read in the context of Iran's fractured domestic politics. Iran's talks with the P5+1 must progress first.
7 Feb 2013

Qatar FlagIs Qatar Sponsoring Al-Qa'ida in Mali? There have been many reports circulating that Qatar is directly or indirectly supporting terrorist groups in Mali, having asserted its influence in the rest of North Africa. But there would be no logical reason for Qatar to be involved or gain in meddling in Mali's affairs.
7 Feb 2013

Turkey Flag 2Suicide Blast in Ankara: Turkey's Terrorism Dilemma A suicide blast outside the US Embassy in Ankara on 1 February will lead to further pressure on the Turkish government to crackdown hard on all terrorist groups, including the PKK whom the government is trying to negotiate with.
6 Feb 2013

Patriot Batteries AnkaraTurkish Delight? The Deployment of Patriot Missiles to Turkey Poses Further Questions than Answers The deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey in response to the ongoing Syrian civil war makes sense strategically and underscores NATO's relevance. However, they also hamper Turkey's role to seek accommodation with her neighbours.
6 Feb 2013

House of CommonsA Parliamentary Benchmark for UK Defence Acquisition Policy For many years, British defence acquisition has been mired in problems and controversy. Now, the House of Commons Defence Select Committee has issued a new report, generating a coherent target list and creating a parliamentary benchmark for defence acquisition policy.
4 Feb 2013

GolanIsrael's Attack on Syria: Will it Lead to Escalation? The Syrian regime has accused Israel of, as yet, unconfirmed attacks against Syrian military installations. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that such a move will trigger a retaliation or threaten a regional war.
1 Feb 2013

Indian Flag 2The Implementation of India's Defence Offset Policy India's defence markets become ever more lucrative as the country propels itself to superpower status. However, if India wishes to use offsets to create a strong indigenous defence industry, it needs to foster a transparent and streamlined regulatory environment.
31 Jan 2013

Mali MapThe British Military Contribution to Operations in Mali: Is This Mission Creep? As the UK sends 330 personnel to assist France's military intervention in Mali, there are real concerns that, like Afghanistan, the UK will be mired in another intractable conflict. However, the strategic conditions are very different for this to happen and it is wrong to assume there will be mission creep.
30 Jan 2013

Clinton in AsiaHead of State: Hillary Rodham Clinton's Foreign Policy Legacy ving dominated American and international politics over the last twenty years and become one of the most famous and powerful women in the world, what is Hillary Rodham Clinton's legacy as Secretary of State as she departs the world stage, for now?
31 Jan 2013

US Army Women in Combat 1Women in Combat Roles: The Changing of the Guard With US women now being allowed to participate in combat roles, the US military can be applauded for its move towards gender equality. But its driving imperative must remain a commitment to military effectiveness, and to the lives of the men and women who serve.
28 Jan 2013

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