China flagTrouble in the East China Sea Potential exploitation of the energy reserves has transformed the Ryukyu island chain issue into a flashpoint for nationalist sensitivities in Japan and China. In the context of leadership transitions in China and possibly Japan, this could escalate into a significant regional issue.
23 Oct 2012

Iran flagIran’s Currency Wars The recent collapse in the value of Iran’s currency symbolises Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presidency: one of political and economic mismanagement. There is an economic imperative for the next president to end Iran’s international isolation or the Islamic Republic will face even greater economic pain.
17 Oct 2012

Hugo ChavezThe Bolivarian Revolution Strikes Back Having won a fourth six-year term in office, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez has ensured that his Bolivarian Revolution will prevail for now. However, despite having secured victory at the polls, key security challenges and the risk that a political crisis could still unfold in Venezuela in the period ahead have not disappeared.
12 Oct 2012

EADS-BAE MergerBAE-EADS Merger: What next after the collapse of the deal? The failure to bring the businesses together represents a bitter blow to advocates who sought the creation of a new, European, global aerospace-defence giant, and raises questions about BAE Systems’ future strategy.
11 Oct 2012

NATO LogoNATO’s Treaty Obligations to Turkey: Theory and Practice With the violence in Syria spilling into Turkey; Turkey as a NATO member has the right to call on the support of the alliance under Article 5. However implementing collective security is always more complex, thus a full scale NATO response in Syria is unlikely.
5 Oct 2012

Turkey Flag 2Turkey Lashing Out At Syria: A Sign of Frayed Nerves In Ankara Turkey's recent diplomatic offensive has been brought to an abrupt end by the Syrian conflict which spilled into Turkey last night. Last night's violence has revealed the weakness in Ankara's position resulting from its failed approach to the Syria Crises.
4 Oct 2012

Barack Obama 5The US and the Arab World: The Failures of Engagement The recent protests in the Middle East may have been sparked by the anti-Islamic film produced in the US, but Middle Eastern opinion has been shaped to a much larger degree by US foreign policy rather than its cinematography.
18 Sep 2012

Eurofighters In FormationSigns of the Times - Consolidation in the European Defence Market The rumoured merger between EADS and BAE Systems is a reflection of longer term trends within the defence industry. But short term impediments will have to be overcome to ensure this deal goes through.
14 Sep 2012

EADS-BAE MergerBAE Systems-EADS Merger: Dealing with the Concerns The proposed merger of BAE Systems and EADS has naturally attracted a number of concerns, from safeguarding sovereign defence industries to job cuts through rationalisation. But are these concerns with foundation?
14 Sep 2012

BAE SYSTEMS SHIPThe Merger Between EADS and BAE Systems is Long-Overdue The marriage between EADS and BAE Systems is logical as the defence market shrinks further and the United States pivots towards Asia. The challenge will lie in the governments that influence these two firms.
14 Sep 2012

German Tornado 2A Tornado in a Teacup? Examining Germany's Alleged Nuclear Strike Aircraft Modernisation Leaked information to the German press alleges that the coalition government has reneged on a previous pledge to remove US tactical nuclear weapons from Germany. The subsequent reporting frenzy heightens the decades-long national anxiety over nuclear issues. But it seems no one has paused to ask whether the original allegations stand-up to scrutiny.
7 Sep 2012

KDF ThumbnailWith Al-Shabaab on the Run, Kenya Moves on Kismaayo After nearly a year in Somalia, Kenya is preparing to commence its assault on Kismaayo, Al-Shabaab’s strategic and financial outpost, and the current front line of the concerted counter-insurgency campaign in southern Somalia. With Merca just fallen, could this prove the boon to the KDF’s expeditionary gamble?
5 Sep 2012

Iran nuclearWhat is the zone of immunity? Iran, Israel and the IAEA's new report The IAEA's latest report shows that Iran has greatly upgraded its uranium enrichment capacity. Some argue that Iran is poised to enter a "zone of immunity". But what does this mean, and is it a useful concept?
3 Sep 2012

Mitt Romney and Bush SrWould Mitt Romney Be a Neo-Conservative President? Mitt Romney has spent the 2012 campaign positioning himself as a hawk on every foreign policy issue. In reality a President Romney would be constrained by a variety of factors which would likely hamper implementing a hawkish neo-conservative foreign policy.
30 Aug 2012

J M Santos and son ColumbiaNegotiating with the FARC: Laying the Foundations for Peace in Colombia? Following weeks of rumoured negotiations, the Colombian government has now announced plans to begin peace talks with the FARC. This may help the Santos government to recover from its recent downturn in popularity, but prospects for a meaningful settlement will be hindered by the ability of the FARC's senior leadership to negotiate authoritatively on behalf of an increasingly fragmented organisation.
30 Aug 2012

Morsi and Tantawi thumbnailMilitary or President: Who Calls the Shots in Egypt? The relationship between President Morsi and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has always been under intense scrutiny. Morsi’s removal of SCAF’s leadership could have represented the beginnings of open conflict between the Morsi and SCAF, but the actual situation is far more complex.
24 Aug 2012

Mitt RomneyHow will Mitt Romney Challenge President Obama on Foreign Policy? Having secured the Republican Presidential nomination and selected Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate, Mitt Romney has been sharpening his foreign policy argument against President Barack Obama, setting out a hawkish national security agenda. Yet apart from a difference of style, there seems to be no major difference between the two contenders.
23 Aug 2012

MRSAAntimicrobial resistance and healthcare resilience: a game changer for the 21st century? The emergence of drug-resistant bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms is a concern for more than just the medical industry. It is forcing governments into greater collaboration, influencing immigration policy in the UK and is changing the way we think about domestic resilience.
23 Aug 2012

London 2012 Somalia ConferenceWhen History is Not Made: The End of Somalia's Transition The news of Ethiopian Meles Zenawi's death may have eclipsed the inauguration of Somalia's new parliament - an event the UN has called a 'watershed moment' in Somalia's history. But with political and security challenges still unaddressed in Somalia, the end of the transition may turn out to be forgettable for other reasons too.
21 Aug 2012

UK Soldiers At Olympic ParkOlympic Medals for the Military The last minute military boost to Olympic security allowed the Armed Forces to be seen as a normal and average part of a relaxed and self-confident British society. The Chiefs should bottle that spirit for the difficult years to come, and politicians should realise that this was a one-off service.
21 Aug 2012

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