Michael Clarke 12014 Another Year of Strategy For UK policy planners, the year ahead will be dominated by strategy formulation in preparation for possible transition in 2015.
19 Dec 2013

MoD PlaqueAutumn Gloom: The Treasury’s Autumn Statement and the Ministry of Defence The Autumn Statement, published on 5 December, announced spending cuts in the UK Ministry of Defence’s budgets for the next two years. the MoD's continued status as a 'non-ring-fenced' department means that it will struggle to avoid further real cuts after 2015.
10 Dec 2013

Iran flagFrom Interim to Final Status: Iran, the E3+3, and the Road from Geneva Iran’s nuclear programme has been temporarily capped. But the details of the endgame remain shrouded in uncertainty. How do we get from here to there?
6 Dec 2013

China flagChina’s Air Defence Identification Zone and its role in Chinese Geo-Strategic Policy China’s sudden declaration of an Air Defence Identification Zone covering the uninhabited Senkaku islands is not intended to extend Chinese airspace as part of an area-denial/anti-access strategy. China’s real aim is instead to strengthen their quasi-legal territory claims in the long term.
4 Dec 2013

Iran nuclearThe Iran Agreement in Geneva: a Limited but Valuable Breakthrough The Geneva Agreement is an inventive, astute piece of diplomacy that puts Iran further from nuclear weapons at low cost. But the road to a final settlement is long and rocky.
25 Nov 2013

Marching British SoldiersFighting the ‘Battle of the Narrative’: Communicating Army 2020 A recent course organised for influencers was designed to convey the British Army’s response to a changing strategic landscape. Despite redeployment from Afghanistan and Reserve reorganisation, this exercise emphasised that the British Army is still very much in the war-fighting business.
13 Nov 2013

Manmohan Singh Xi Jingping [square]Afghanistan after 2014: What Roles for China and India? Following the recent bilateral summit between the Manmohan Singh and Xi Jingping, we ask Indian and Chinese researchers to offer their different perspectives on future policy in Afghanistan.
12 Nov 2013

India Deaths from terrorismHas the Sino-Indian Dialogue on Afghanistan Been Put on the Backburner? Even though the latest meeting between India and China failed to discuss Afghanistan, both countries will be increasingly involved, and China will need to look beyond the prism of Pakistan to ensure stability in the region.
12 Nov 2013

China flagManmohan Singh’s Visit Boosts the ‘New Pattern of Relationship’ between China and India For China, the Indian Prime Minister’s visit was significant because it dealt with sensitive border disputes and made clearer India’s geopolitical intentions.
12 Nov 2013

BAE SYSTEMS SHIPPortsmouth Ship Yard Jobs: Britain’s Maritime Capabilities Rebalanced British maritime defence industrial manufacturing capabilities saw a historic transition with the Portsmouth naval yard losing out to Glasgow. This is an important milestone, but it is too simplistic to talk glibly about the resulting strategic shrinkage or the demise of British maritime strength.
8 Nov 2013

PoppyPoppies and Remembrance Sunday: Multicultural and Multifaith Britain Joins In As the nation marks Remembrance Sunday, Britain’s ethnic minorities will be joining commemorations as well. This is not well reflected, however, in public and media discourse, where those who protest noisily can get a hearing often denied to those who participate quietly in our shared national commemorations.
8 Nov 2013

SR-72 [SQUARE]Speed is the New Stealth: The SR-72 Challenges the Future at Mach 6 Last week, the normally secretive ‘Skunk Works’ division of the Lockheed Martin company unveiled a new, remotely piloted, hypersonic jet with strike and reconnaissance capabilities. Given the right investment, it has the potential to revolutionise military aerospace technology.
5 Nov 2013

Data protectionThe Snowden Leaks: The Need to Update Our Legislation on Data and Security The recent leaks about the surveillance capabilities of our intelligence agencies have undoubtedly harmed national security. Nevertheless, they also provide a long overdue opportunity to update legislation that will help security agencies and protect the rights of individuals.
31 Oct 2013

Xi JinpingXi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign China’s leader has launched an anti-corruption drive that seems to strike at the heart of the Communist Party. Yet the persistence of the campaign may instead reflect his stubborn faith in the fundamental correctness of the system.
28 Oct 2013

Pavlo Lapshyn 2From Ukraine with Hate: What Pavlo Lapshyn Conviction Says About the Far-Right Extremism Far-right extremist Pavlo Lapshyn has today been imprisoned for murdering a Muslim man and attempting to bomb mosques. The incident highlights that violent Islamists are not the only ones willing to murder in advance of a political ideology.
25 Oct 2013

Ayman al-ZawahiriA Global Fund for Community Engagement against Terrorism Al-Qa’ida is enjoying a period of resurgence and is attracting recruits. This is a poor commentary on over 12 years of concerted international effort to counter the threat. Governments need more community support to confront the appeal. A new global fund aims to help them do so. A new global fund aims to help them find it.
28 Oct 2013

GCHQDebating Intelligence and Surveillance Where should the limits surveillance be placed? And how should intelligence oversight work? Following his first public speech delivered at RUSI, Andrew Parker, Director General of MI5 sparked off a national and international debate about the current terrorist threat and the role of surveillance and intelligence.
14 Oct 2013

Intelligence Oversight in the UKIn Defence of National Security Scrutiny Why should the public be asked to accept blanket assurances that their privacy and security are protected?
14 Oct 2013

GCHQ Bude sateliteThe Snowden Leaks Are Damaging to National Security, But the Subsequent Debate May Benefit Us All The intelligence-gathering revelations from Edward Snowden did harm national security, but they should now serve as an opportunity to have a mature national conversation on the hierarchy of accountability in intelligence gathering.
14 Oct 2013

Hasan Rouhani sqIran and the US: the Politics of Détente The Iranian President’s recent charm offensive in New York could be regarded as the start of a diplomatic revolution. Received well in the US and in Iran itself, it will disturb regional neighbours long accustomed to being estranged from Iran.
7 Oct 2013

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