Michael Fallon 3Should the UK bomb Daesh in Syria? Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is toying with the idea of asking parliament for permission to expand Britain’s campaign of airstrikes from Iraq into Syria. His impulse should be tempered with a sense of strategy.
3 Jul 2015

Greece EuroWhy Europe, and Greece, may survive this crisis There are no good choices with Greece: regardless of how the country votes in a referendum on Sunday, Greece will remain a constant problem in Europe. But far from threatening the stability of the continent, the Greek tragedy may reinforce some European principles.
2 Jul 2015

US-ChinaThe US-China relationship: on a downward spiral? Officials from the US and China put on brave faces at the recently concluded US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Tensions in the maritime and cyber realms, however, are threatening to send the relationship into a downward spiral.
29 Jun 2015

ISIS fightersWhy is Daesh not Being Defeated – In Five Questions These five questions address the current role of Daesh and the threat it is posing to the rest of the world, asking why it is not being defeated and how it could potentially be defeated. Particularly following the recent attacks in France and Tunisia, it is clear that Daesh is strong and unless it is eliminated, one cannot hope for peace and stability.
29 Jun 2015

Seifeddine RezguiWhy Tunisia and What Next? Following last week’s attacks in Tunisia, the focus has been on why Tunisia was targeted and what could potentially happen next. The rest of the world now needs to come together to support Tunisia’s democracy and economy, in order to successfully fight Daesh and counteract its ‘us vs. them’ view of the world.
29 Jun 2015

Afghanistan counterinsurgencyAfghanistan: A Platform for Cooperation between India and China? Afghanistan could potentially become the centre of cooperation, not competition, between India and China, the two main Asian powers. This can only be achieved if problems and barriers are overcome and small-scale initiatives are implemented in order to stabilise Afghanistan.
24 Jun 2015

China soldiersSino-Indian Cooperation for a Stable and Prosperous Afghanistan As US and ISAF troops are drawn down in Afghanistan, it is becoming increasingly clear that the void left by the withdrawing nations might have to be filled by Afghanistan’s neighbours.
24 Jun 2015

India - Foreign Policy - FlagAfghanistan: Can it be a Template for India, China Cooperation? One of the most troubling, but fundamental, questions confronting India is its relationship with China. While India wants a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship that is conflict-free and cordial, does China want a similar relationship with India?
24 Jun 2015

AfghanistanAfghanistan Regional Stability: The Role of Chinese and Indian Cooperation Over the past three years, RUSI has conducted a research project bringing together influential thinkers from China, India, the UK and Afghanistan in a number of workshops in Beijing, New Delhi and Qatar. The aim was to outline areas of common interest between China and India in Afghanistan. As part of this project, we asked Indian and Chinese researchers to offer their perspectives on where Delhi and Beijing could cooperate.
24 Jun 2015

British Jihadists in an ISIS video 21 June 2014From Al-Shabaab to Daesh Following the announcement of British deaths in Iraq and Somalia, it has become clear that foreign fighters are attracted to various battlefields. However, there has been a noticeable shift away from Somalia to Syria/Iraq in travel patterns from the UK. Understanding why and how this has taken place might offer some ideas for how to stifle some of the attraction of Syria and Iraq.
23 Jun 2015

London SkylineFATF 2018: Assessing the UK’s Anti Money-Laundering Efforts Despite a regulatory environment perceived by many as stringent, the UK has a reputation as a global hub for money-laundering. Over the next two years, the UK Government will prepare itself for an assessment of its anti money-laundering and counter terrorist-financing efforts.
17 Jun 2015

Erdogan thumbnailTurkey’s Political Future The inability of the AKP to win an outright majority is a personal failure for President Recep Erdogan. Yet, Turkey’s future rests in large part on the Turkish president’s next move. \r\n\r\n
9 Jun 2015

The Struggle for the Presidency in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Even without the challenge posed by Daesh, the Kurds of Iraq face a bumpy road ahead this summer with unresolved internal challenges within the Kurdish region itself.
2 Jun 2015

United NationsAnother War in Europe: Dispatches From The Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference The EU won the Nobel Peace Prize for maintaining peace between European nations, but it has failed to prevent wars of words. Proof can be found at the UN, where battles between EU members could spoil the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference.
19 May 2015

ISIS convoyThe Fall of Ramadi: Daesh’s Next Move The reported fall of Ramadi to Daesh should not come as a surprise. The militants are now relying on their Shia opponents to give a brutal response which will allow them to consolidate and expand their popularity.
19 May 2015

Taliban  2Peace Talks Still the Main Game in Town While talks in Doha between the Taliban and Afghan government were downplayed and big hurdles remain, there were some small signs of progress, which could help kick start the Afghan peace process.
14 May 2015

European Union FlagFive Reasons Why Militarising the EU Migration Plan Will Not Work Work With news of regular tragedies involving migrants awash on Europe’s shores, the European Union is promising to respond to these through military means. But the political will just does not exist in Europe; neither can the hurdles be overcome easily.
14 May 2015

Ministry of Defence plaqueDefence and the Election Outcome It is reasonable to assume that there will be a real-terms increase in the defence budget now that the Conservatives have full control of the government. However, commitments to future military interventions are less certain.
12 May 2015

India - Foreign Policy - FlagIndian Defence Policy As India’s government approaches the end of its first year, has it made its mark on Indian defence policy?
11 May 2015

Garland Shooting Perpetrators 2015The Texas Attack: An Expression of Daesh’s Reach? The jihadist movement known as Daesh has claimed responsibility for the aborted attack on an art contest in Texas. But other than shared motives, there are hardly anyreal linkages. Overreaction and misreading of the threat will merely play into their hands.
11 May 2015

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