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Bayly_Mountbatten_thumbnail RUSI Journal: Fighting and Talking: Politics and War in South and Southeast Asia, 1936-56 9 Dec 2011
Lord Louis Mountbatten is known today for his controversial role in overseeing Indian partition and independence but his efforts had a much more positive, long-lasting impact than is widely recognised History Pakistan Central and South Asia India
Ade_Stringing the Pearls RUSI Newsbrief: Stringing the Pearls: Sino-Indian Relations in South Asia 23 Nov 2011
The rivalry between India and China is born of the two countriesí traditional perceptions of each other, yet the eastward shift of geopolitical power has now made this once local rivalry significant to the whole world. India Central and South Asia China Pacific
Khan_Pakistan Deterrence RUSI Journal: Minimum Deterrence: Pakistanís Dilemma 7 Oct 2011
In deterring its larger neighbour, Pakistan faces tough choices in its nuclear posture Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues Pakistan Central and South Asia India
Basrur_India Deterrence RUSI Journal: Low-Profile Deterrence: Lessons from the Indian Experience 7 Oct 2011
India's nuclear posture could be a model for other powers seeking to reduce their arsenals Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues India Central and South Asia Pakistan
Mukherjee_Indian Defence Reform RUSI Journal: Facing Future Challenges: Defence Reform in India 7 Oct 2011
India's defence establishment is not befitting its growing status. Reform is urgently needed Defence Management India Central and South Asia
Mumbai Housden thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: The Mumbai Blasts: India's Security Dilemma 28 Sep 2011
How can India improve its intelligence capability in the wake of the recent bombings in Mumbai? India Central and South Asia Counter-insurgency
Burma Ade thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Nuclear Burma: Implications for India 28 Sep 2011
If reports that Burma is developing a nuclear weapon are true, how will this affect India's relationships with its regional neighbours? India Central and South Asia Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues
India Bangladesh RUSI Newsbrief: India and Bangladesh: Time to Move Forward 28 Jul 2011
In an increasingly hostile neighbourhood, India should look northeast for friendship India Central and South Asia China Pacific Terrorism Domestic Security
Mumbai Analysis: The Mumbai Blasts and the Indian Mujahideen 14 Jul 2011 by Shashank Joshi
The three bombs that tore through Mumbai add to the city's death toll from terrorism - 700 killed since 1993. If the Indian Mujahideen (IM) is responsible, it indicates the grave threat posed by domestic Indian groups plugged into international jihadi network. India Central and South Asia Terrorism Indo-Pakistan Conflict The Pakistan Nexus
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