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Justin Bronk

Position: Research Analyst

 Justin Bronk is a Research Analyst with the Military Sciences programme at RUSI. His research interests include airpower, land warfare, regional territory disputes, insider attacks, Psyops and nuclear weapons policy. Prior to joining the Institute, Justin worked in PR and presented on nuclear weapons policy to the Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) programme and the Atomic Weapons Establishment Policy Group.

Justin completed his MSc (distinction) in History of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where his dissertation focused on a top secret Anglo-American nuclear weapons supply programme for the RAF V-Bomber Force, which had disastrous implications for the operational effectiveness and independence of Britain’s nuclear deterrent in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This was later published in the Journal of Strategic Studies under the title ‘Britain’s V-Bomber Force and US Nuclear Weapons, 1957-1962’. Justin also holds a first class BA in History from the University of York.


RUSI articles and analysis by this author

F-35 production line thumbnail Sixth-Generation Fighters in 2030: A Realistic Prospect? 24 Jul 2015
A ‘5.5 generation Super Raptor’, based on an evolution of the F-22 design concept or of the F-35 once the latter has matured in service, is a more likely prospect than operational sixth-generation fighter aircraft by 2030

Sniper thumbnail afghanistan Has the War on Terror Created a New Breed of Military Sniper? 10 Jul 2015
The prolonged counterinsurgency campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq drove a significant evolution of the military sniper in terms of role, equipment, tactics and lethality

S-300 Thumbnail Why the Iranian Purchase of the S-300 Should Worry the Gulf States 1 May 2015
The addition of powerful Russian long range air defence missiles to Iran's arsenal could prove intolerable for GCC neighbours and escalate an already tense regional standoff (free access)

Taranis Science, Technology and the Generation of the Military Instrument 29 Apr 2015
Military strength may currently be measured by technological superiority, but the distinction between strategy and novelty is a critical consideration that needs more focused attention

WHR 1-15 Bronk Maximising European Combat Air Power: Unlocking the Eurofighter's Full Potential 27 Apr 2015
The Eurofighter Typhoon is likely to remain the backbone of European combat air capability for many years. With the right upgrades, it could remain combat effective throughout this lifetime

Paratrooper Thumbnail CJOAX: Building a Bilateral Crisis-Response Task Force 10 Apr 2015
This month in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the largest airborne exercise in a military generation will revitalise US-UK joint forcible entry capability with a demonstration of true interoperability (free access)

J-20 Chinese and Russian Stealth Fighters Close the Gap 27 Feb 2015
Fears that the US’s global aerial dominance will soon be challenged by the fifth-generation fighters under development by Russia and China are overstated – for now.

A-10 Warthog The A-10 Retirement Battle: Why the King of CAS Must Die 3 Feb 2015
The iconic A-10 is a superb and highly efficient close air support platform. Defenders of the aircraft point to its unique capabilities and the lack of a like-for-like replacement. These arguments, however, miss the larger picture

Green Men Crimea Russia Outflanks the West 7 Nov 2014
Russia's combination of hybrid conventional warfare and nuclear threats are circumventing the West's military strength

Tornado sunset Precision Guided Munitions: Trends, Costs and Limitations 13 Oct 2014
As the West goes to war in Iraq for the third time in twenty-five years, the cost and capabilities of precision munitions are back under the spotlight

F22 and F15 Air Strikes in Syria – Assessing the Initial Attack Plan 23 Sep 2014
In initiating action against ISIS in Syria, the US operation sees combat use of the F-22 stealth fighter for the first time and Gulf states deploying their air assets for power projection in the region.

F-35 Thumbnail Integrating Typhoon and F-35: The Key to Future British Air Power 9 Sep 2014
With a limited number of aircraft available, the RAF must find a way of making the Typhoon and Lightning II work together (free access)

Wreckage of flight MH17 Examining the Evidence of the MH17 Crash 23 Jul 2014
As speculation and uncertainty surrounds the downing of MH17, we scrutinise the conspiracy theories, examining the current evidence and the potential course of the upcoming investigation.

Euroradar CAPTOR UK Funding for ‘Captor-E’ AESA Radar Announced – Better Late than Never 15 Jul 2014
The UK government has finally committed to funding ‘Captor-E’ AESA integration into the Typhoon fighter-jet programme. The move will provide greatly increased capabilities for the RAF’s Typhoon fleet but might also be in time to revive the aircraft’s hopes on the global export market.

Maliki voting Iraq elections Desperate for Air Support, Maliki Turns to Russia (and now Iran)* 29 Jun 2014
Exasperated at the lack of air support to from the United States to fight ISIS, the Iraqi government has purchased second-hand Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia and Belarus. But how effective will they be in confronting the Jihadist threat on Baghdad’s door?

A USAF F-15, Polish Mig-29 and RAF Typhoon over Lithuania NATO NATO Baltic Air Policing – Revenge of the Cold War Relic 4 Jun 2014
NATO’s primary military response to the Russian annexation of Crimea was to reinforce its long standing Baltic Air Policing operations. Airpower is a domain in which NATO can credibly challenge Russian dominance in the region and provide ‘hard’ deterrence against military intimidation.

Afghan Air Force Mi-17 helicopter The Afghan Air Force: Ready to Fly Solo? 25 Mar 2014
As ISAF prepares to depart from Afghanistan, a functioning Afghan Air Force is proving the most challenging military capability to build and maintain

Typhoon take-off ‘4.5 Generation’ Fighters – Multi Role Aircraft in Search of a Role 11 Feb 2014
Europe’s leading manufacturers are competing with each other to sell the latest generation fighters. But in an age of decreasing defence budgets, air forces around the world are being more cautious with their new purchases.

China flag China’s Air Defence Identification Zone and its role in Chinese Geo-Strategic Policy 4 Dec 2013
China’s sudden declaration of an Air Defence Identification Zone covering the uninhabited Senkaku islands is not intended to extend Chinese airspace as part of an area-denial/anti-access strategy. China’s real aim is instead to strengthen their quasi-legal territory claims in the long term.

SR-72 [SQUARE] Speed is the New Stealth: The SR-72 Challenges the Future at Mach 6 5 Nov 2013
Last week, the normally secretive ‘Skunk Works’ division of the Lockheed Martin company unveiled a new, remotely piloted, hypersonic jet with strike and reconnaissance capabilities. Given the right investment, it has the potential to revolutionise military aerospace technology.

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