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Aaron Stein

Position: Associate Fellow

Aaron Stein is an Associate Fellow at RUSI. He is also the nonproliferation program manager at the Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies in Istanbul, where he works on security and proliferation issues in the Middle East.

He is currently a PhD Candidate at King's College London researching Iranian and Turkish nuclear decision-making. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of San Francisco and an M.A. in International Policy Studies with a specialisation in Nuclear Nonproliferation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

He has written extensively on Turkish politics and regional proliferation, publishing in scholarly journals and print media, including Foreign Policy, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the National Interest, and World Politics Review.


RUSI articles and analysis by this author

Turkeys elections Erdogan's Options: Presidential Ambition in the Wake of Turkey's Elections 7 Jul 2015
The Turkish election result was a blow to Erdogan’s ambitions, but he still has room to manoeuvre

Erdogan thumbnail Turkey’s Political Future 9 Jun 2015
The inability of the AKP to win an outright majority is a personal failure for President Recep Erdogan. Yet, Turkey’s future rests in large part on the Turkish president’s next move. \r\n\r\n

WHP 83 cover Turkey's New Foreign Policy: Davutoglu, the AKP and the Pursuit of Regional Order (WHP 83) 30 Dec 2014
For over a decade, the AKP has sought to remake Turkey's foreign policy. After a series of reversals in recent years, they are staying the course - and drawing a clear distinction between Turkey and the West

Turkey flag Turkey’s Response to ISIS and the Crisis in Iraq 16 Jul 2014
Turkey may now regret its earlier decision to allow and support un-vetted foreign fighters into Syria through their borders. Yet, even though ISIS fighters kidnapped Turkish diplomats in Mosul, Ankara is sticking to its policy of demanding change in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey Erdogan Qatar Tamim Where Did it All Go Wrong? The Qatar-Turkey Power House Comes Up Short 14 Jan 2014
As the Arab Spring got underway, Turkey and Qatar came together on what seemed to be the right side of history. Now, all their regional bets have all but collapsed, as have their regional swagger. But their joint interests and partnerships are still relevant.

WHR 4-13 thumb An Uncertain Future: Assessing Regional Responses to Iran's Nuclear Programme 13 Jan 2014
While the recent Geneva deal has reduced tensions with Iran, the spectre of a nuclear Islamic Republic remains on the agenda of regional policy-makers

Erdogan and Assad Ankara Embraces Regime Change: Zero Problems and the Syrian Crisis 10 Sep 2013
Turkey's recent foreign policy goal of being at peace with her neighbours is now in tatters as it lobbies for full-scale military intervention in Syria. Unlike the United States, Turkey's strategy now involves regime change, not just punitive military strikes.

Turkey Flag 2 Explaining Ergenekon: Civil Military Relations in Turkey's Post-Coup Era 7 Aug 2013
For many in Turkey, the case against leading officers represents an end to the military's meddling in civilian politics. But the AKP government has failed to pursue with the same vigour, more prosaic changes to Turkish law that would help instil more civilian oversight over the Turkish armed forces.

Erdogan thumbnail Explaining Erdogan: The Prime Minister Engages his Base 5 Jun 2013
The unrest in Turkey demonstrates how Erdogan's rhetoric has polarised Turkish society, despite his political and economic achievements. The events could signal political trouble for the powerful Prime Minister.

201305 NB Stein thumbnail Atoms for Turkey: Ankara's Struggle for Nuclear Energy 3 May 2013
Turkey's pursuit of nuclear energy is likely not about hedging against Iran's own growing capabilities

2013 03 NB Stein thumbnail The Turkish Electorate and the Syrian Crisis: Erdogan’s Difficult Balancing Act 8 Mar 2013
The continuation of the conflict in Syria is placing the Turkish leadership’s efforts to tie its domestic agenda to its foreign policy under ever-greater stress.

201302 Jnl Joshi thumbnail Not Quite 'Zero Problems': Ankara's Troubles in Syria 1 Mar 2013
NATO's deployment of the Patriot missile-defence system to Turkey reflects how Ankara's foreign and security policy remains dependent on stronger allies

Turkey Flag 2 Suicide Blast in Ankara: Turkey's Terrorism Dilemma 6 Feb 2013
A suicide blast outside the US Embassy in Ankara on 1 February will lead to further pressure on the Turkish government to crackdown hard on all terrorist groups, including the PKK whom the government is trying to negotiate with.

Turkey Free Syria flags Ankara Responds to the Chaos in Syria 23 Jan 2013
The Syrian Civil War has exposed Turkey to the growing threat of Kurdish and Islamist empowerment. Ankara's options are limited by its domestic politics and military means. Turkey's response to the crisis will be critical for pursuing its regional ambitions.

Erdogan thumbnail Turkey Defers to Egypt 23 Nov 2012
Turkey’s grander regional ambitions have been thwarted by its alienation of important regional players. Now a more inward looking Turkey has adopted a supporting role as Erdogan positions himself for a run at the Turkish presidency.

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