China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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201301 NB Neill_thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: 2012: A Troubled Year for China’s Fifth Generation Leadership 17 Jan 2013
The new guard at the head of the Chinese Communist Party will be hoping to get a grip of the party’s factional rivalries and put the scandals of 2012 behind them before the National People’s Congress in March. China Pacific
Nuclear weapons Analysis: The Nuclear Agenda for 2013: New Solutions to Old Problems 10 Jan 2013 by Hugh Chalmers
While the leadership transitions of 2012 have altered this year's political landscape, they have left the nuclear agenda for 2013 regrettably unchanged. Thankfully, this new backdrop may provide opportunities to find new solutions to old problems. Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues North Korea Pacific Russia Europe Iran Middle East and North Africa
North Korea Nuclear Analysis: Old Ally, New Headaches: Will China Turn Cold on North Korea? 17 Dec 2012 by Edward Schwarck
With North Korea’s recent missile test capturing the world’s attention, China’s response to its old ally’s transgressions will be critical for any chance of progress. With new leadership in Beijing, is there the possibility for a change in China’s approach? North Korea Pacific China
201212 Jnl Rogers_thumbnail RUSI Journal: Geopolitics and the 'Wider North': The United Kingdom as a 'Strategic Pivot' 11 Dec 2012
With the Arctic ice melting, how can the UK position itself at the strategic heart of the emerging 'Wider North'? Global Security Issues Europe Russia UK Pacific Japan China
China America Flag Analysis: Between Barack and a Hard Place: Asian Regional Integration in the Shadow of Superpower Rivalry 28 Nov 2012
The recent visit by Barack Obama to Southeast Asia is a clear elucidation of his Administration’s ambitions for the region. It is becoming clear that both China and the US are competing for regional influence, forcing the ASEAN states to walk a tightrope in their engagement with the two major powers. Pacific China US Defence Policy Defence Policy
China's Leadership Transition, Implications for International Security Videos: China's Leadership Transition, Implications for International Security 21 Nov 2012 by Alexander Neill
November 2012 also marks the fifth generational shift in the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. What will this mean for the direction of China, and its place in the world? China Pacific
Yamazoe and Sutyagin_thumbnailjpg RUSI Newsbrief: The Multilateral Orientations of Russian and Japanese Diplomacy in East Asia 15 Nov 2012 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
The Russian desire to develop more tangible ties in East Asia, alongside Japan’s commitment to strengthening its multilateral security networks in the region reflect a positive trend in terms of the ability of these two countries to play a constructive role in the region. Japan Pacific Russia Europe
Raska_thumbnailjpg RUSI Newsbrief: The Air-Sea Battle Debate and the Future of Conflict in East Asia 15 Nov 2012
How is the emerging strategic competition in East Asia affecting defence strategies and military innovation in the US and China, and what are the implications of this for other militaries? Pacific China
RUSI Japan Logo News: RUSI Japan launched in Tokyo 25 Oct 2012 by Chiaki Akimoto
RUSI Japan was launched in October 2012 to act as an independent research hub for Asia-Pacific defence and security. RUSI Japan underscores the deep and established relationship between RUSI and Japan's research and policy community. Japan Pacific
State Department Analysis: Assessing American Power: Defence and Security Survey 2012 24 Oct 2012
RUSI's third annual survey of its defence and security community assesses the role and place in the United States in the world. Published during the US presidential election campaign, the survey takes stock of the Obama presidency and the proespects for US foreign policy. Americas United States Pacific China Latin America Middle East and North Africa Iran Europe
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