China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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RUSI Japan Logo News: RUSI Japan launched in Tokyo 25 Oct 2012 by Chiaki Akimoto
RUSI Japan was launched in October 2012 to act as an independent research hub for Asia-Pacific defence and security. RUSI Japan underscores the deep and established relationship between RUSI and Japan's research and policy community. Japan Pacific
State Department Analysis: Assessing American Power: Defence and Security Survey 2012 24 Oct 2012
RUSI's third annual survey of its defence and security community assesses the role and place in the United States in the world. Published during the US presidential election campaign, the survey takes stock of the Obama presidency and the proespects for US foreign policy. Americas United States Pacific China Latin America Middle East and North Africa Iran Europe
East Asia Map Analysis: Asia and the US Elections: Foreign Policy Challenges 23 Oct 2012
The US presidential elections will be watched in Asia for further clues of how the American focus on Asia will manifest in practice over the next four years. Understanding how different Asian states respond according to their own circumstances will keep the next US administration very busy indeed. Pacific Japan China US Defence Policy Defence Policy
China flag Analysis: Trouble in the East China Sea 23 Oct 2012 by Simon Chelton
Potential exploitation of the energy reserves has transformed the Ryukyu island chain issue into a flashpoint for nationalist sensitivities in Japan and China. In the context of leadership transitions in China and possibly Japan, this could escalate into a significant regional issue. Maritime Forces United Nations International Institutions China Pacific Japan
Jnl 2012 Mack thumbnail RUSI Journal: Codebreaking in the Pacific: Cracking the Imperial Japanese Navy's Main Operational Code, JN25 11 Oct 2012
Allied codebreakers were able to make vital breakthroughs in attacking Japanese naval codes even before 1941 History Japan Pacific
Jnl 201210 Schreer thumbnail RUSI Journal: The Willing Ally? Australian Strategic Policy in a Contested Asia 11 Oct 2012
The Asia-Pacific strategic environment is evolving rapidly, but Australia is not likely to make drastic changes to its strategy Pacific
Jnl 201210 Davies thumbnail RUSI Journal: Australia's Next Defence White Paper 11 Oct 2012
Budget cuts mean Australia's defence planners face difficult decisions Pacific
NB 201209 Graham RUSI Newsbrief: South China Sea: China Closes Ranks 4 Sep 2012 by Euan Graham
After the recent failure of ASEAN members to produce a draft Code of Conduct, how should these nations now respond to China’s increasingly assertive stance on the South China Sea? (Free access) China Pacific International Institutions
NB 201209 Sedgley RUSI Newsbrief: Tension in the Asia-Pacific: Iranian-Malaysian Relations and the West 4 Sep 2012
What are the implications for the West of Iran’s growing presence in the Asia-Pacific, and particularly its relationship with Malaysia? Iran Middle East and North Africa Pacific
201207 NB Yamazoe RUSI Newsbrief: Friends or Rivals? Sino-Russian ‘Naval Cooperation 2012’ 27 Jul 2012
What does the recent joint naval exercise undertaken by Russia and China mean for relations between these two states? Maritime Forces China Pacific Russia Europe
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