China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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Putin and Xi Jinping Analysis: Ukraine: Quiet Support for Russia Will Harm China's Long-Term Interests 11 Apr 2014 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
Though China is reticent over aspects of Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine, the general assumption in Beijing is that China could benefit from the Ukraine crisis. But a more careful look at the potential fallout from the showdown indicates that China’s strategic horizons are not as rosy as currently assumed. Central and South Asia Europe Ukraine Russia Pacific China
Putin and Xi Jinping Analysis: Tensions Over Ukraine: Where Does China Sit? 11 Apr 2014 by Raffaello Pantucci
On the growing crisis over Ukraine, China has remained quietly supportive of Russia. Yet, Russia overestimates and exaggerates China’s level of support that is closer to acquiescence rather than actual support for the turmoil that Russia is engendering. Europe Ukraine Russia Pacific China
Soldier on Liaoning RUSI Newsbrief: Arms Races and Conferences: Asia’s Naval Build-Ups through the Lens of History 25 Mar 2014
A revised version of the 1921 Washington Conference could prove useful in facilitating dialogue in the face of ongoing naval modernisation in the Asia-Pacific Maritime Forces Pacific China Japan United States
North Korea Jang RUSI Newsbrief: The Jang Song-Thaek Purge: North Korea’s Winners, Losers and Scapegoats 25 Mar 2014 by Andrea Berger
The trial and execution of Kim Jong-un’s uncle, and the shuffling and elimination of other officials within the leadership structure, speak volumes about the future direction of North Korean policy Pacific North Korea
Yeongpeyond Island thumbnail RUSI Journal: Israel’s Counter-Asymmetric Warfare and Security on the Korean Peninsula 18 Mar 2014
Does Israel’s approach to countering asymmetric warfare yield any useful lessons for South Korea? Israel Pacific
China flag Analysis: China’s Air Defence Identification Zone and its role in Chinese Geo-Strategic Policy 4 Dec 2013 by Justin Bronk
China’s sudden declaration of an Air Defence Identification Zone covering the uninhabited Senkaku islands is not intended to extend Chinese airspace as part of an area-denial/anti-access strategy. China’s real aim is instead to strengthen their quasi-legal territory claims in the long term. Global Security Issues China Pacific Japan United States Americas
Abrams Tank, Australia RUSI Newsbrief: Australian Defence: The Future under Abbott 13 Nov 2013
Tony Abbott’s ability to deliver on two key campaign promises will shape the country’s defence posture and capabilities for years to come Military Personnel Defence Policy Pacific
Manmohan Singh Xi Jingping [square] Analysis: Afghanistan after 2014: What Roles for China and India? 12 Nov 2013
Following the recent bilateral summit between the Manmohan Singh and Xi Jingping, we ask Indian and Chinese researchers to offer their different perspectives on future policy in Afghanistan. China Pacific Pakistan Central and South Asia Afghanistan India
India Deaths from terrorism Analysis: Has the Sino-Indian Dialogue on Afghanistan Been Put on the Backburner? 12 Nov 2013
Even though the latest meeting between India and China failed to discuss Afghanistan, both countries will be increasingly involved, and China will need to look beyond the prism of Pakistan to ensure stability in the region. China Pacific India Central and South Asia Afghanistan
China flag Analysis: Manmohan Singh’s Visit Boosts the ‘New Pattern of Relationship’ between China and India 12 Nov 2013
For China, the Indian Prime Minister’s visit was significant because it dealt with sensitive border disputes and made clearer India’s geopolitical intentions. China Pacific India Central and South Asia
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