China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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Cyber crime RUSI Journal: Organised Crime and the Internet: Implications for National Security 31 Oct 2013
Definitions of organised crime do not easily fit the new types of criminal activity carried out via the Internet Cyber Technology China Pacific Russia Europe
Organ trafficking RUSI Journal: Organ Transplantation and Transnational Organised Crime 31 Oct 2013
Modern society – especially in developed countries – has seen a steady rise in demand for organs, opening a profitable if unlikely new market for organised-crime groups Organised Crime Central and South Asia China Pacific
Xi Jinping Analysis: Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign 28 Oct 2013 by Edward Schwarck
China’s leader has launched an anti-corruption drive that seems to strike at the heart of the Communist Party. Yet the persistence of the campaign may instead reflect his stubborn faith in the fundamental correctness of the system. China Pacific
RUSI Defence Systems: The Challenges and Opportunities in Developing an Indian Ballistic Missile Defence System 19 Sep 2013 by Avnish Patel
China’s aspirations for global power status and its military modernisation programme, as well as other regional strategic alliances have given India’s missile defence programme greater credence. Patel reviews India’s nuclear capabilities China Pacific India Central and South Asia Pakistan Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues
Taiwan flag Cheng Gong class warship RUSI Newsbrief: China and Taiwan: Naval Strategy in the Taiwan Strait 3 Sep 2013
Given the modernisation of China’s naval forces, Taiwan can no longer rely on technological superiority or geographical advantages in its defence China Pacific Maritime Forces
Fishing boat in South China Sea RUSI Newsbrief: China’s New Map: Just Another Dash? 3 Sep 2013 by Euan Graham
China’s new official map features an extra ‘dash’ in the East China Sea. Yet the continued ambiguity surrounding the dashed line makes it difficult for China’s neighbours to evaluate its true aims (Free access) China Pacific Japan International Institutions
Burma temple RUSI Newsbrief: Burma Rising: Threat or Opportunity for China? 3 Sep 2013
Burma’s recent political ‘opening’ should not be seen as a threat to China’s long-held influence over its neighbour. Rather, it allows China to promote its status as a responsible global actor China Pacific United States Americas International Institutions
Rasmussen NATO RUSI Newsbrief: The Future of NATO’s Asia Partnerships: 2014 and Beyond 3 Sep 2013 by Dr Lisa Aronsson
If NATO is to deepen its strategic relations in Asia after ISAF draws down, it must resolve internal divisions over its purpose NATO International Institutions Afghanistan Central and South Asia Europe United States Americas China Pacific
Jnl 1583 TOC thumb RUSI Journal: Transnational Organised Crime and Security 14 Aug 2013
An introduction to the third instalment of the series on Transnational Organised Crime and Security China Pacific Global Security Issues Organised Crime
Weichong - thumbnail RUSI Journal: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Drawing Lessons from the Wars of Others in Post-Mao China and Post-Colonial Singapore 14 Aug 2013
While Singapore’s martial thinking remains decidedly Western, China is developing an increasingly unique interpretation of the role of its military Military Personnel Central and South Asia China Pacific Defence Policy
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