China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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Malaysian and Singaporean marines storm boat RUSI Journal: Maritime Security and Threats to Energy Transportation in Southeast Asia 29 Apr 2015 by Euan Graham
Shipments of vital energy supplies through the congested Straits of Malacca and Singapore continue in high numbers despite their vulnerability to piracy, conflict and legal-passage disputes Maritime Forces Pacific China Japan
Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank AIIB Founding Ceremony Analysis: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: a Test of Leadership for the US and China 17 Apr 2015
China has established a global financial institution that focuses on building roads, railways and other key infrastructure projects crucial to development in Asia. Though there are concerns raised by the United States, the formulation of the AIIB ties China further into a multilateral system. International Institutions Pacific China
Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature News: RUSI Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature winner announced 30 Mar 2015
The Royal United Services Institute is delighted to announce that the 2014 Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature has been awarded to Rana Mitter for his book China’s War with Japan 1937-1945: The Struggle for Survival, (Penguin). History China Japan
Sino-Russian summit RUSI Journal: The Bear and the Dragon: Same Old Suspicions or Real Pivot East? 2 Mar 2015 by Sarah Lain
As the Ukraine crisis pushes Russia to turn to China as an alternative economic partner, it remains to be seen whether the relationship can be one of equals Global Security Issues Ukraine Russia China
Xinjiang RUSI Newsbrief: Commerce and Force in Xinjiang Province 27 Feb 2015
Rather than seeking new tools, Beijing must fundamentally reappraise its current strategy of draconian public security measures and intolerance of dissent in Xinjiang. China
Afghan flag 2 RUSI Newsbrief: Will China Bring Peace to Afghanistan? 27 Feb 2015 by Raffaello Pantucci
China is showing itself to be increasingly open about a possible role in brokering peace in Afghanistan. But the extent to which its actions will coincide with Western priorities should not be overestimated. Afghanistan China
J-20 RUSI Newsbrief: Chinese and Russian Stealth Fighters Close the Gap 27 Feb 2015 by Justin Bronk
Fears that the US’s global aerial dominance will soon be challenged by the fifth-generation fighters under development by Russia and China are overstated – for now. Aerospace Russia China United States
Sino-Indian symbols RUSI Newsbrief: China's Relations with India: What Prospects in 2015? 26 Jan 2015 by Edward Schwarck
Entering 2015, China must learn that strong economic ties are an insufficient basis for a good bilateral relationship with India India China
2015 - Year Ahead Analysis: 2015: RUSI Experts Examine Year Ahead 17 Dec 2014
Analysts at the Royal United Services Institute look ahead at the issues affecting defence and security in 2015. Organised Crime Technology Terrorism Defence Policy UK Defence Central and South Asia Middle East and North Africa Europe Russia UK Pacific China Americas
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