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Turkish Foreign Policy; challenges and opportunities
RUSI welcomed Ali Babacan, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, for a speech on Turkey’s foreign policy preoccupations. ...

NATO Operations - Internal and External Challenges - General John Craddock
General John Craddock, formerly Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) spoke on the current and future tasks ahead of the organisation's Sixtieth ...

Military History Lecture - The Origins of the American Civil War: What Can We Learn from the Way a Society Remembers a War?
Long fascinated with the origins of the American Civil War, Professor Brian Holden Reid will address the various ways ‘blame’ has ...

The Future Defence Review: Red Teaming a Green Paper - Part of the RUSI Future Defence Review Event Series
Building on the success of the previous three RUSI conferences analysing the issues affecting the development of the United Kingdom’s Future ...

Members' Lecture -The Challenges Facing Defence
A lecture by Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB, Permanent Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence, UK. ...

Courage and Commitment: Doing the Job in Afghanistan, Supporting Personnel at Home
A lecture by the Rt. Hon. Bob Ainsworth MP, Secretary of State for Defence, UK. ...

Annual Chief of the Defence Staff Lecture
In his annual lecture to the Royal United Services Institute in London, the Chief of the Defence Staff said the Taliban ...

Towards Zero: Britain’s role in furthering nuclear non-proliferation and multilateral approaches to disarmament
A high-profile conference on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. ...

The Strategic Defence and Security Review: A Conservative View of Defence and Future Challenges
A lecture by Dr Liam Fox MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence and Conservative Member of Parliament for Woodspring. In ...

Modern Society, Military Traditions: Effective Armed Forces in Today’s Britain
A lecture by Bill Rammell MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, UK. Defence is acting to reflect the values ...

The Foreign Policy Framework of a New Conservative Government
An address by The Rt Hon William Hague MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary and Senior Member of the Shadow Cabinet. As the ...

The United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent: Past, Present and Future
A lecture by Professor Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield FBA, Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History, Queen Mary, University of London. Ever ...

The United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent: Past, Present and Future
A lecture by Professor Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield FBA, Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History, Queen Mary, University of London. Ever ...

Afghanistan: Lessons for the Future
A lecture by the Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence. Jim Murphy talked about the priorities for ...

The Reform of the Bundeswehr
A briefing on the reform of the German military by Christian Schmidt, Parliamentary State Secretary to the German Minister of Defence ...

Russia-UK Bilateral Relations
A lecture by His Excellency Mr Alexander Yakovenko, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Court of St James’s. Ambassador Yakovenko ...

Russia-UK Bilateral Relations
A lecture by His Excellency Mr Alexander Yakovenko, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Court of St James’s. Ambassador Yakovenko ...

The Role of Information Systems
The fourth and final workshop in the Alternative Energy and Sustainability Series will discuss balance between the benefit that information systems ...

Director of Security Service on MI5 and the Evolving Threat
Address by the Director General of the Security Service, Andrew Parker, to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Whitehall, 8 October ...

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201302 Jnl Joshi thumbnail RUSI Journal: Not Quite 'Zero Problems': Ankara's Troubles in Syria 1 Mar 2013 by Aaron Stein, Shashank Joshi
NATO's deployment of the Patriot missile-defence system to Turkey reflects how Ankara's foreign and security policy remains dependent on stronger allies NATO International Institutions Turkey Europe
201302 Jnl King thumbnail RUSI Journal: Women in Combat 1 Mar 2013
From 2016, women will be allowed to serve in ground-combat roles in the US armed forces. A comparative analysis of Western armed forces provides an insight into the actual impact on unit cohesion (Free access) Military Personnel US Defence Policy Defence Policy United States Americas UK Europe
MoD Plaque News: MoD budget faces £1.1 billion cut for 2015/16 at Spending Review, requiring a £11 billion reduction in plans for the next decade 27 Feb 2013
Cuts to future Ministry of Defence (MoD) budgets are likely after the Treasury's latest Autumn Statement announced reductions in defence spending for 2013/14 and 2014/15, over and above those planned in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), warns the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). UK Europe Defence Policy
Birmingham 3 February 2013 Analysis: The Birmingham Terrorist Plotters: Lessons for Counter-Terrorism Today 22 Feb 2013 by Raffaello Pantucci
The convictions of three Birmingham residents of a terrorist plot reveal classic linkages between homegrown bombers and Pakistan. The supply side of the terrorist threat in the UK continues to prove a problem. Terrorism Tackling Extremism Securing Britain Al-Qa'ida UK Europe
Turkey Flag 2 Analysis: Suicide Blast in Ankara: Turkey's Terrorism Dilemma 6 Feb 2013 by Aaron Stein
A suicide blast outside the US Embassy in Ankara on 1 February will lead to further pressure on the Turkish government to crackdown hard on all terrorist groups, including the PKK whom the government is trying to negotiate with. Turkey Europe
Patriot Batteries Ankara Analysis: Turkish Delight? The Deployment of Patriot Missiles to Turkey Poses Further Questions than Answers 6 Feb 2013 by Avnish Patel
The deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey in response to the ongoing Syrian civil war makes sense strategically and underscores NATO's relevance. However, they also hamper Turkey's role to seek accommodation with her neighbours. NATO International Institutions Syria Middle East and North Africa Turkey Europe
House of Commons Analysis: A Parliamentary Benchmark for UK Defence Acquisition Policy 5 Feb 2013 by Dr Henrik Heidenkamp
For many years, British defence acquisition has been mired in problems and controversy. Now, the House of Commons Defence Select Committee has issued a new report, generating a coherent target list and creating a parliamentary benchmark for defence acquisition policy. UK Europe Defence Management
Mali Map Analysis: The British Military Contribution to Operations in Mali: Is This Mission Creep? 30 Jan 2013 by Michael Codner
As the UK sends 330 personnel to assist France's military intervention in Mali, there are real concerns that, like Afghanistan, the UK will be mired in another intractable conflict. However, the strategic conditions are very different for this to happen and it is wrong to assume there will be mission creep. Terrorism Military Personnel Defence Policy UK Defence France Europe UK Africa Sahel
RUSI Defence Systems: Developing Onshore Armour and Protection Capability 29 Jan 2013
Neil Middleton of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory offers an insight into the vital role that the organisation plays in testing armour against ballistic threats Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence UK Europe
RUSI Defence Systems: A Predictable Surprise: Addressing the Threat to Maritime Assets 29 Jan 2013
With responsibilities for UK maritime security falling between the Navy, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Police marine units, how well is the UK placed to address seismic changes in its own waters? Guy Whitaker, CEO of UK-based Missionkraft, offers his view and the Missionkraft solution Maritime Forces Domestic Security Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence UK Europe
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