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Coca eradication Analysis: Assessing the Illegal Proliferation of the Coca Plant 13 Oct 2014
With the discovery of Mexico’s first ever coca plantation, is the worldwide proliferation of coca growth a feasible possibility, and what could the implications be? Organised Crime Central and South America Latin America
Columbian Security Forces Analysis: Colombia’s Long Road to Peace 15 May 2014 by Matt Ince
Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) could form a central pillar of a lasting peace in Colombia. But how can you make it attractive for those heavily involved in organised crime, which profit the most from the country’s internal conflict? Americas Central and South America Latin America
Colombia armed forces RUSI Journal: Bringing Security and Stability to Colombia 31 Oct 2013
Colombia’s Vice Minister of Defense for Policy and International Affairs talks about the challenges ahead for his country Central and South America Americas Counter-insurgency Defence Policy
FARC Negotiations RUSI Journal: Filling the FARC-Shaped Void 31 Oct 2013 by Matt Ince
As peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC seem to be reaching their conclusion, local and regional criminal groups gear up to fight for succession Latin America Americas Central and South America Counter-insurgency Organised Crime
OAS sec gen presents report on drug policy RUSI Newsbrief: After the ‘War on Drugs’: Drug-Policy Reform in the Americas 3 Sep 2013 by Matt Ince
The apparent failure of the ‘war on drugs’ in Latin America has led to calls for a change in strategy. But would this merely prompt organised-crime groups to diversify their activities? Latin America Americas Central and South America United States Organised Crime
Jnl 1583 Guerrero thumb RUSI Journal: Towards a Transformation of Mexico's Security Strategy 27 Jun 2013
Mexico’s security is notoriously plagued by organised-crimerelated violence: government policies have so far been counter-productive, but other strategies could prove more successful (Free Access) Central and South America Americas Global Security Issues Organised Crime
201302 Jnl Ince thumbnail RUSI Journal: Defeating Colombia's Oldest Insurgency: Prospects for Peace and Reconciliation with the FARC 1 Mar 2013 by Matt Ince
Colombia's peace negotiations with the FARC continue to face a series of difficult hurdles, including the FARC's potential fragmentation and its leaders' loss of legitimacy Central and South America Americas Global Security Issues
Climate Change Interim Migration Report 2011 News: RUSI Climate Change Report Presented to Mexican and US Policymakers 28 Feb 2013 by Duncan Depledge
A new RUSI study examining climate change implications was presented in February 2013 to Mexican legislators and experts in Washington DC. Climate Security Global Security Issues Latin America Americas Central and South America
chavez Analysis: Imagining a Post-Chávez Venezuela 10 Jan 2013 by Matt Ince
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's ill health continues to place question marks over the future political stability of the Bolivarian Republic, rekindling concerns that instability, power struggle and the possible out-break of violence could once again be on the horizon. Americas Latin America Central and South America
Latin America Analysis: Will America Look South? US Policy in Latin America 26 Oct 2012
Latin America received a brief, but important, mention in the recent US presidential debates. However the region’s importance to the US is pronounced and will only grow in the future. The US needs to take tangible steps to better relations with the region and its important players. By Michael Shifter Americas Central and South America Latin America United States
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