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Tornado GR4 Analysis: British Options in Iraq: Capabilities, Strategies, and Risks 13 Aug 2014 by Shashank Joshi
Pressure is building for the government to recall parliament over the crisis in Iraq and consider intervening alongside US forces. But what are the options for Britain, and what risks do they carry? Aerospace Land Forces Global Security Issues Middle East and North Africa Iraq Europe UK
Wreckage of flight MH17 Analysis: Examining the Evidence of the MH17 Crash 23 Jul 2014 by Justin Bronk
As speculation and uncertainty surrounds the downing of MH17, we scrutinise the conspiracy theories, examining the current evidence and the potential course of the upcoming investigation. Aerospace Europe Russia
Euroradar CAPTOR Analysis: UK Funding for ‘Captor-E’ AESA Radar Announced – Better Late than Never 15 Jul 2014 by Justin Bronk, Elizabeth Quintana, Professor Trevor Taylor
The UK government has finally committed to funding ‘Captor-E’ AESA integration into the Typhoon fighter-jet programme. The move will provide greatly increased capabilities for the RAF’s Typhoon fleet but might also be in time to revive the aircraft’s hopes on the global export market. Aerospace
F35 RUSI Newsbrief: What Would Curtis Do? The US Air Force in 2014 2 Jul 2014
The US Air Force must address internal issues of morale, infighting and financial imbalance if it is to reposition itself as a dominant force Aerospace United States
Maliki voting Iraq elections Analysis: Desperate for Air Support, Maliki Turns to Russia (and now Iran)* 29 Jun 2014 by Justin Bronk
Exasperated at the lack of air support to from the United States to fight ISIS, the Iraqi government has purchased second-hand Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia and Belarus. But how effective will they be in confronting the Jihadist threat on Baghdad’s door? Aerospace Middle East and North Africa Iraq Europe Russia United States
A USAF F-15, Polish Mig-29 and RAF Typhoon over Lithuania NATO Analysis: NATO Baltic Air Policing – Revenge of the Cold War Relic 4 Jun 2014 by Justin Bronk
NATO’s primary military response to the Russian annexation of Crimea was to reinforce its long standing Baltic Air Policing operations. Airpower is a domain in which NATO can credibly challenge Russian dominance in the region and provide ‘hard’ deterrence against military intimidation. Aerospace Europe Ukraine Russia UK
Gravity film Analysis: Hazards of the Space Junkyard 3 Mar 2014
The recently Oscar-nominated film Gravity underscored the very real danger of space debris from old and existing satellites and space missions in the low earth orbit. Reducing the number of satellite missions will not be enough, and there are a number of initiatives underway to have space junk removed. Aerospace Technology
Typhoon take-off Analysis: ‘4.5 Generation’ Fighters – Multi Role Aircraft in Search of a Role 11 Feb 2014 by Justin Bronk
Europe’s leading manufacturers are competing with each other to sell the latest generation fighters. But in an age of decreasing defence budgets, air forces around the world are being more cautious with their new purchases. Aerospace Defence Management
Indias Tejas Fighter Jet RUSI Newsbrief: Signs of Change in India’s Defence Industrial Base 13 Nov 2013
The current restructuring of India’s defence industrial base is aimed at improving the quality of indigenous platforms, increasing defence exports and reducing the cost of procurement to India’s armed forces Aerospace Land Forces Maritime Forces Technology India Central and South Asia
SR-72 [SQUARE] Analysis: Speed is the New Stealth: The SR-72 Challenges the Future at Mach 6 5 Nov 2013 by Justin Bronk
Last week, the normally secretive ‘Skunk Works’ division of the Lockheed Martin company unveiled a new, remotely piloted, hypersonic jet with strike and reconnaissance capabilities. Given the right investment, it has the potential to revolutionise military aerospace technology. Technology Aerospace
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