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De Maiziere RUSI Newsbrief: Electing Euro Hawk: Beyond German Politics 3 Sep 2013 by Dr Henrik Heidenkamp
The pre-election wrangling in Germany following the unexpected decision to cancel the Euro Hawk UAV project should not obscure the need for a comprehensive debate on defence capabilities (Free access) Germany Europe Aerospace
Reaper Analysis: Eyes over Syria: Using Drones to Monitor Atrocities 27 Aug 2013
The Syrian government has rejected 'utterly and completely' US claims that there was 'undeniable' proof of a regime-initiated chemical attack last week. To determine the truth, and deter further atrocities, we should deploy unarmed and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's). Aerospace Syria Middle East and North Africa
201305 NB Quintana thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Manning the Unmanned 3 May 2013 by Elizabeth Quintana
As the UK steps up its drone capability, it is changing the RAF’s training programmes for pilots and operators (Free access) UK Defence Armed Forces UK Europe Aerospace Equipment and Acquisitions Military Personnel
201305 NB Johnson thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Mr Emmerson Takes on Washington 3 May 2013 by Adrian Johnson
With a UN panel now investigating US drone strikes, the mounting backlash against targeted killing highlights the political costs of drone warfare (Free access) United States Americas United Nations International Institutions Aerospace Pakistan Central and South Asia The War on Terror Terrorism
Should We Ban Autonomous Weapons Systems? Videos: Should We Ban Autonomous Weapons Systems? 25 Apr 2013 by Elizabeth Quintana
Elizabeth Quintana, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI, assesses calls made by human rights groups to ban the use of autonomous weapons systems. Aerospace Technology
WHR 2-13 cover thumb News: New RUSI Paper: Hitting the Target - Hitting the Target? How New Capabilities are Shaping International Intervention 26 Mar 2013
British public divided on whether drones make the West more or less safe, but small majority support targeted killing of known terrorists unless civilian casualties involved Aerospace Technology
2013 03 NB Toomer thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Syria: Securing Weapons Caches After Assad 8 Mar 2013
Worries about the proliferation of hand-held anti-aircraft missiles from Syria point to the need to carefully manage these weapons. Syria Middle East and North Africa Terrorism Aerospace
201303 NB Sutyagin thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Russia’s Fifth-Generation Combat Aircraft: Gaining Momentum 8 Mar 2013 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
As development of the Russian T-50 fighter continues, stealth capability may be about to spread beyond just the US and its allies. Russia Europe Aerospace
201303 NB Taylor thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: ‘Que Sera, Sera’: The UK and the F-35 8 Mar 2013 by Professor Trevor Taylor
While the F-35 may be very capable, the UK's inability to withdraw from the programme places the country in a position of dependence on the US. (Free access) Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence United States Americas UK Europe Aerospace
UAV in Iraq Analysis: Drones in the Service of Peace: Unmanned Aircraft in UN Deployments 18 Feb 2013 by Adrian Johnson
Long associated with the CIA's targeted killing programme, there are concerns that drones are a weapons system out of control. But a suggestion to deploy them on the UN mission in the Congo underscores the potential the system has in keeping the peace. Aerospace United Nations International Institutions Africa Congo
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