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Vladimir Putin 2 RUSI Newsbrief: Russian Rearmament: Putin’s Key Priorities 1 May 2015 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
While the Russian economy continues to suffer under Western sanctions, Moscow continues to invest heavily in upgrading its military capabilities Aerospace Land Forces Maritime Forces NATO Global Security Issues Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Europe Russia
S-300 Thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Why the Iranian Purchase of the S-300 Should Worry the Gulf States 1 May 2015 by Michael Stephens, Justin Bronk
The addition of powerful Russian long range air defence missiles to Iran's arsenal could prove intolerable for GCC neighbours and escalate an already tense regional standoff (free access) Aerospace The Gulf Region Iran
Taranis RUSI Journal: Science, Technology and the Generation of the Military Instrument 29 Apr 2015 by Professor John Louth, Justin Bronk
Military strength may currently be measured by technological superiority, but the distinction between strategy and novelty is a critical consideration that needs more focused attention Aerospace Land Forces Technology Defence Management
Soldier launching drone RUSI Journal: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Israel Defense Forces: A Precursor to a Military Robotic Revolution? 29 Apr 2015
The IDF’s increasing dependence on UAVs has ensured Israel’s technological superiority over its Arab neighbours, but is unlikely to be extended across the Israeli military Aerospace Israel
satellite thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Future of the Space Domain in Modern Warfare 4 Mar 2015
The militarisation of space has been a controversial issue since the early days of the Cold War. Is the West's military dependence on space assets pushing competitors to put weapons in orbit? Aerospace Technology
J-20 RUSI Newsbrief: Chinese and Russian Stealth Fighters Close the Gap 27 Feb 2015 by Justin Bronk
Fears that the US’s global aerial dominance will soon be challenged by the fifth-generation fighters under development by Russia and China are overstated – for now. Aerospace Russia China United States
Tu-95 Thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Putin's ‘Flying Gunboats’ 10 Feb 2015 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
Against the backdrop of tense relations over Ukraine and Crimea, Russia has increased Tu-95 'Bear' nuclear bomber flights on the boundaries of UK and NATO airspace. What is the Kremlin's viewpoint and is the implied nuclear threat to European NATO members credible? Aerospace NATO UK Defence Ukraine Russia
A-10 Warthog RUSI Defence Systems: The A-10 Retirement Battle: Why the King of CAS Must Die 3 Feb 2015 by Justin Bronk
The iconic A-10 is a superb and highly efficient close air support platform. Defenders of the aircraft point to its unique capabilities and the lack of a like-for-like replacement. These arguments, however, miss the larger picture Aerospace US Defence Policy United States
P-1 MPA RUSI Defence Systems: Maritime Patrol Aircraft: A Japanese Perspective 8 Dec 2014
In contrast to Britain's decision to cancel the Nimrod MRA4 in 2010, Japan has developed her own maritime patrol aircraft for the 21st century, the P-1 (Free access) Aerospace Maritime Forces Pacific Japan
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