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A Return to East of Suez?
UK Military Deployment to the Gulf

Britain may be on course to become more directly involved in Gulf security as the US reorients towards the Far East and Pacific Rim.

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NCA Uniform with Gun Analysis: Disrupting Organised Crime: Finding the Money 26 Mar 2015 by Charlie Edwards
Recent efforts by the British government to take a strategic approach to disrupting serious and organised crime should be applauded. However cuts and the lack of funding to tackle key areas of organised crime is a major concern for future. Organised Crime
General Election 2015 News: Debating Defence and Security at the General Election 24 Mar 2015
In the weeks running up to the UK General Election, RUSI will host a series of debates and contributions covering defence and security. Defence Policy UK
organisedcrimejpg Analysis: Preventing Serious and Organised Crime Needs to Move Upstream 19 Mar 2015 by Sasha Jesperson
The UK governments Prevent strategy on organised crime shifts away from a responsive law enforcement approach – but the domestic focus is still a missed opportunity. Organised Crime
Senator Tom Cotton - Gage Skidmore Analysis: Undiplomatic cables 19 Mar 2015 by Timothy Stafford
In their determination to prevent a nuclear agreement with Iran, Republican Senators are sacrificing their ability to direct events should negotiations fail. Iran's Nuclear Programme Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Iran United States
Tunisia Analysis: Terrorism in Tunisia: Some Recent Context 19 Mar 2015 by Jonathan Githens-Mazer
Shocking as it may be, the latest terrorist attack on Tunisia is not a new phenomenon. This does not necessarily mean that Tunisia will descend into the kind of destabilisation seen in neighbouring Libya. Terrorism Middle East and North Africa
Turkey Erdogan Qatar Tamim Analysis: The Emerging Military Dimension to the Qatari-Turkish Relationship 16 Mar 2015 by Dr David Roberts
The latest military agreement between Qatar and Turkey has been a long-time in the making. It is also an expression of dated defence thinking in Gulf states that looks to military purchases and agreements with foreign powers rather than sustainable capacity building. Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region Turkey
Abubakar Shekau Analysis: Can Chad Tip the Balance against Boko Haram? 12 Mar 2015 by Cathy Haenlein
As Boko Haram pledges allegiance to Daesh, recent military successes spearheaded by Chadian forces bode well for the new multilateral response to the group. But, without a longer-term domestic political and military strategy, hopes for an enduring solution to the insurgency should not be raised. Counter-insurgency Africa
MoD News: Armed forces could face further personnel cuts after General Election 9 Mar 2015 by Professor Malcolm Chalmers
A new RUSI paper highlights the real possibility of further reductions in defence spending and personnel numbers in the forthcoming Strategic Defence and Security Review, which is due to start after the General Election. Defence Policy UK Defence Armed Forces Defence Spending UK
ISIS fighters Analysis: The Financial Fight Against Daesh 3 Mar 2015 by Tom Keatinge
2015 will be a critical year for the financial battle against Daesh. The focus on the group’s financing will undoubtedly restrict Daesh in Syria and Iraq, but the group is proliferating abroad. The international community needs to get ahead of the financial curve. Counter-insurgency Middle East and North Africa Syria Iraq
2014 NATO Flag Analysis: The Latgale People’s Republic? 23 Feb 2015 by Sarah Lain
Concerns over a Russian attempt to destabilise the Baltic States are valid, but should focus more on NATO’s need for deterrence rather than Russia’s strategic goals in Ukraine. Sarah Lain, Research Fellow at RUSI, examines NATO’s dilemma across the region. Europe Russia

Analysis from RUSI publications

Articles from RUSI periodicals: RUSI Journal, RUSI Newsbrief and RUSI Defence Systems

ICBM launch RUSI Defence Systems: Railing Against the West 20 Mar 2015 by Timothy Stafford
As part of its comprehensive nuclear forces modernisation programme, Moscow is reviving a powerful and evasive nuclear system which proved a targeting nightmare for NATO during the Cold War NATO Defence Policy Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Russia
Satellite launch RUSI Defence Systems: Future of the Space Domain in Modern Warfare 4 Mar 2015
The militarisation of space has been a controversial issue since the early days of the Cold War. Is the West's military dependence on space assets pushing competitors to put weapons in orbit? Aerospace Technology
Loves Labours Won RUSI Journal: Labours Lost and Won: Shakespeare and the Great War 2 Mar 2015 by Ashlee Godwin
How can Shakespeare shed light on a century-old conflict? The Great War
Korean DMZ RUSI Journal: Building the Bomb: Nuclear Proliferation in Authoritarian States 2 Mar 2015
Trench Gascoigne Winner, 2014: Authoritarian states share common characteristics that hinder their ability to develop nuclear weapons Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region Iran North Korea
Sino-Russian summit RUSI Journal: The Bear and the Dragon: Same Old Suspicions or Real Pivot East? 2 Mar 2015 by Sarah Lain
As the Ukraine crisis pushes Russia to turn to China as an alternative economic partner, it remains to be seen whether the relationship can be one of equals Global Security Issues Ukraine Russia China
Norwegian F-16 RUSI Journal: Is ‘Out of Area’ Also ‘Out of Control’? Small States in Large Operations 2 Mar 2015
Norway’s experience during NATO’s 2011 intervention in Libya exemplifies the mounting challenges of coalition warfare for small states International Institutions NATO Libya
Chinook in Afghanistan RUSI Journal: Setting Ourselves up for a Fall in Afghanistan: Where Does Accountability Lie for Decision-Making in Helmand in 2005–06? 2 Mar 2015
The former commander of British forces in Afghanistan recalls the difficult decision-making that underwrote deployment to southern Afghanistan in 2006 UK Defence Afghanistan UK
UK reservist RUSI Journal: Whither MoE? Shifting Language and Thinking for the Evaluation of Military Activity 2 Mar 2015
Militaries need to rethink the way in which they evaluate activities in the age of ‘smart power’ Defence Policy UK Defence Armed Forces
Sierra Leone and AMISOM RUSI Journal: Sierra Leone’s Post-Conflict Peacekeepers: Sudan, Somalia and Ebola 2 Mar 2015 by Cathy Haenlein
With Western troop commitments to UN peacekeeping having shrunk since the 1990s, it is vital to understand what motivates poorer states to participate in peacekeeping operations International Institutions African Union United Nations Global Security Issues Africa
UK peacekeeping RUSI Journal: Back in Blue? A British Return to United Nations Peacekeeping 2 Mar 2015 by Adrian Johnson
As the UK considers its future defence strategy, it may opt for a modest re-engagement with UN peacekeeping operations International Institutions African Union United Nations Defence Policy Global Security Issues UK Defence UK

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