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FARC Negotiations RUSI Journal: Filling the FARC-Shaped Void 31 Oct 2013 by Matt Ince
As peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC seem to be reaching their conclusion, local and regional criminal groups gear up to fight for succession Latin America Americas Central and South America Counter-insurgency Organised Crime
OAS sec gen presents report on drug policy RUSI Newsbrief: After the ‘War on Drugs’: Drug-Policy Reform in the Americas 3 Sep 2013 by Matt Ince
The apparent failure of the ‘war on drugs’ in Latin America has led to calls for a change in strategy. But would this merely prompt organised-crime groups to diversify their activities? Latin America Americas Central and South America United States Organised Crime
201307 NB Ince thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Unravelling Mexico’s New Security Agenda 24 Jun 2013 by Matt Ince
Mexican President Peña Nieto’s attempt to de-emphasise the fight against drug trafficking may impact negatively upon security co-operation with the United States. Latin America Americas United States
201305 NB Dodds thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: After the Vote: The Future of the Falklands 3 May 2013
The result of the Falkland Islands referendum underscores the growing agency of the local government in the territorial dispute Latin America Americas UK Europe UK Defence
Climate Change Interim Migration Report 2011 News: RUSI Climate Change Report Presented to Mexican and US Policymakers 28 Feb 2013 by Duncan Depledge
A new RUSI study examining climate change implications was presented in February 2013 to Mexican legislators and experts in Washington DC. Climate Security Global Security Issues Latin America Americas Central and South America
201301 NB Ince_thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: The CELAC-EU Summit 2013: Re-characterising Bi-regional Relations? 17 Jan 2013 by Matt Ince
As the EU meets with the recently formed CELAC for the first time, climate change, regional integration, migration, education and the global drug problem are all on the agenda. European Union International Institutions Latin America Americas
chavez Analysis: Imagining a Post-Chávez Venezuela 10 Jan 2013 by Matt Ince
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's ill health continues to place question marks over the future political stability of the Bolivarian Republic, rekindling concerns that instability, power struggle and the possible out-break of violence could once again be on the horizon. Americas Latin America Central and South America
201212 Jnl Lehman_thumbnail RUSI Journal: The Falklands War: Reflections on the 'Special Relationship' 11 Dec 2012
The then US Secretary of the Navy recalls his personal experience of the Falklands War – and of the enduring 'special relationship' History UK Europe Latin America Americas United States
201212 Jnl Dodds_thumbnail RUSI Journal: The Falkland Islands as a 'Strategic Gateway': Britain and the South Atlantic Overseas Territories 11 Dec 2012
Sovereignty, security and stewardship lie at the core of UK policy towards its South Atlantic Overseas Territories, including the Falklands UK Defence Global Strategy and Commitments Latin America Americas
Ince_thumbnailjpg RUSI Newsbrief: Colombia: Talking about Peace 15 Nov 2012 by Matt Ince
Could the ongoing talks between the Colombian government and the FARC mark the beginning of the end of the country’s half-century-long conflict? Latin America Americas
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