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If you cannot find a member of staff, please call our switchboard: +44(0)20 7747 2600

Director-General: Professor Michael Clarke

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 Chiaki Akimoto
Director, RUSI Japan
Professor Ali Ansari
Senior Associate Fellow
Dr Lisa Aronsson
Visiting Fellow, Atlantic Council / Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
Associate Fellow
Consultant Fellow, International Diplomacy
 Stephanie Bacon
Event Manager
 Andrea Berger
Deputy Director, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy and Senior Research Fellow
 Tobias Borck
Assistant Course Tutor
 Justin Bronk
Research Analyst
Professor Malcolm Chalmers
Research Director / Director, UK Defence Policy Studies
Professor Michael Clarke
Director General
 Michael Codner
Senior Research Fellow and Director of Personnel Services
 Jennifer Cole
Senior Research Fellow, Resilience & Emergency Management
 Sophie Cordes
Venue and Events Manager
 Hannah Croft
Research Event Officer
Research Analyst
Dr Emma De Angelis
Editor, RUSI Journal
 Laura Dimmock-Jones
 Sabrina Downey
Director, Projects and Events
 Tim Dumas OBE
Advertising Sales Development Executive
 Charlie Edwards
Director National Security and Resilience
 Clare Ellis
Research Analyst
Dr Jonathan Eyal
International Director and International Studies Director
 Claire Forward
Assistant Accountant
 Dennis  Francis
Buildings Manager
 Ashlee Godwin
Production Editor/Deputy Editor, RUSI Journal
 Cathy Haenlein
Deputy Editor, RUSI Newsbrief / Research Analyst, National Security and Resilience
Dr Henrik Heidenkamp
Senior Research Fellow, Defence, Industries and Society
 Calum Jeffray
Research Fellow
 Sasha Jesperson
Research Analyst
 Adrian Johnson
Director of Publications/Research Fellow
 Shashank Joshi
Senior Research Fellow
 Michael Kamara
Membership Development Executive
 Tom Keatinge
Director, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, RUSI
Team Leader, Cocaine Route Monitoring and Support Programme
Dr Walter Ladwig
Visiting Fellow
 Sarah Lain
Research Fellow
Senior Research Fellow
Sir  Iain Lobban KCMG CB
Senior Associate Fellow
Professor John Louth
Director, Defence, Industries and Society
 Joanne Mackowski
Researcher, Defence, Industries and Societies
 Tom Maguire
Visiting Fellow
 Philip Matfield
 Nathan Mathiot
Executive Assistant, International Business and Development
 Simon Michell
Editor, RUSI Defence Systems
 Saqeb Mueen
Director of Communications
Dr InÍs Sofia de  Oliveira
Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies
 Raffaello Pantucci
Director of International Security Studies
 Avnish Patel
Project Manager, Military Sciences
 Deborah Pourkarimi
Chief Finance Officer
 Peter Quentin
Research Fellow, Military Sciences
 Elizabeth Quintana
Senior Research Fellow, Air Power and Technology and Director of Military Sciences
 Helen Ramscar
Executive Assistant to the Director-General
 Peter Roberts
Senior Research Fellow, Sea Power and Maritime Studies
 Edward Schwarck
Research Fellow, Asia Studies
 Timothy Stafford
Research Analyst
Professor Gareth Stansfield
Senior Associate Fellow and Director of Middle East Studies
 Michael  Stephens
Research Fellow for Middle East Studies
Dr Igor Sutyagin
Senior Research Fellow, Russian Studies
Professor Trevor Taylor
Professorial Research Fellow, Defence, Industries and Society
 Gabriela Thompson
Researcher, Defence Industries and Society
 Lauren Twort
Researcher, Defence, Industries and Societies Programme
Receptionist and Memberís Events Co-ordinator
 Neil Watling
Executive Officer to Director-General / Membership Executive
 Emily Winterbotham
Research Fellow

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