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Mark Phillips

Position: Associate Fellow

Mark Phillips was Head of the Land Operations and Capabilities Programme between 2010 and 2012.  In this role he was responsible for leading policy analysis, independent research, expert discussion groups and high-level conferences.

Prior to joining RUSI, Mark was Chief of Staff to Baroness Neville-Jones during her time as Shadow Security Minister and National Security Adviser to the Leader of the Opposition and, after the 2010 general election, Security Minister.  In this capacity he managed all security legislation in Parliament, was speechwriter to Baroness Neville-Jones, and had a central role in developing the Conservative Party's national security policies and post-election implementation plan.  His remit covered all aspects of national security, including the National Security Strategy, Strategic Defence and Security Review, machinery of government, intelligence, counter terrorism, resilience, Olympic security, stabilisation and conflict prevention, procurement and the role of industry in defence and security.  Mark co-authored the Conservative Party's National Security Green Paper, A Resilient Nation (January 2010).

Between 2006 and 2008, Mark advised the Shadow Minister for Defence, Foreign Affairs and International Development in the House of Lords and was an adviser to the National and International Security Policy Group.  He has also worked with RUSI and the UK Defence Forum on defence acquisition and Asia security issues.

Mark is an associate of King's College London and a graduate of their Department of War Studies.  He has lectured to MA War Studies students on the Strategic Defence and Security Review, military covenant and role of Parliament in national security.



RUSI articles and analysis by this author

201212 Jnl Neville-Jones and Phillips_thumbnail Where Next for UK Cyber-Security? 11 Dec 2012
A national-security cloud on the horizon? The UK government should take the lead in setting cyber-security standards both within and beyond the UK's borders

Army 2020 Occasional Paper cover Army 2020: Roles, Capabilities and People 2 Jul 2012
What is the purpose and role of the British Army post-2015, and how will this affect its people and capabilities?

Future of the UKs Reserve Forces cover The Future of the UK's Reserve Forces 20 Apr 2012
As the UK moves towards an increasing emphasis on reserve forces, this report highlights a selection of international best practice

David Cameron 2 Policy-Making in Defence and Security: Lessons from the Strategic Defence and Security Review 21 Feb 2012
An insider's account of the SDSR suggests ways forward to ensure better delivery of national security policy

Assessing UK Battlefield Logistics Capability: Lessons and Future Requirements for the Land Component 28 Nov 2011
The 'support network’ concept offers a new alternative to traditional, linear supply chain infrastructure

Returning Sovereign Wealth cover Workshop Report: Returning Sovereign Wealth 3 Nov 2011
An examination of the opportunities for repatriating and reinvesting stolen assets, specifically considering the contribution of private investigators to the recovery of stolen assets

Libya Rebels Accidental Heroes: Britain, France and the Libya Operation - RUSI Interim Libya Campaign Report 23 Sep 2011
23/09/11: A RUSI report looks at the diplomatic, strategic and military aspects of the recent Libya campaign.

Reform Underway 12 Aug 2011
Mark Phillips assesses the task that lies ahead for the Defence Reform Unit as it prepares to present its report to the government in July 2011.

British Army Rebalancing the UK's armed forces 21 Jul 2011
The Ministry of Defence has indicated the need for reservists to become integral to all defence tasks, resulting in the significant rebalancing of the structure of the armed forces by 2020. Undoubtedly there will be risks involved, but these are manageable provided there is political and institutional willingness to develop a more sophisticated approach to force generation.

Agile Warrior: RUSI Occasional Paper Exercise Agile Warrior and the Future Development of UK Land Forces 25 May 2011
Examining the British Army's initiative to develop an evidence base for future decisions on the development of land forces, this paper reviews the emerging findings of this process of experimentation and operational analysis

RAPTOR: Reconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado 23 Mar 2011
Mark Phillips reviews the impact that the RAPTOR sensor pod is making in Afghanistan, and how it should be factored into future UK Combat-ISTAR capability

Terrorism 2011 image Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa: Implications for the International Terrorist Threat 4 Mar 2011
Many claim that the revolutionary arc engulfing the Middle East will challenge terrorist groups and their narrative. But this ignores how groups might exploit the crisis to strengthen their positions and pose a more potent and sophisticated threat to the UK than they do at the moment.

RUSI CREST Conference Report: Reserves in Transformation 28 Jan 2011
What does the Ministry of Defence need to consider as part of its Future Reserves 2020 Review?

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