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Dr Tobias Feakin

Position: Associate Fellow

Tobias  was a Senior Research Fellow and Director of the National Security and Resilience department at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, and he remains with RUSI as an Associate Fellow. Within this role he was responsible for the growth of a research team examining issues pertaining to radicalisation, terrorism, counter-terrorist policy and technologies, resilience, critical national infrastructure, and the security impacts of climate change.

He completed his Ph.D in International Security and Politics from the University of Bradford in 2005 with a thesis entitled “Non-Lethal Weapons: Technology for Lowering Casualties”. Since that time he has worked as a Research Fellow for the Landau Network, Centro-Volta in Italy, and the Home Office arriving at RUSI in 2006.

He has lectured at the University of Cambridge, University of Bradford, Joint Services Command and Staff College, the NATO Defence College in Rome, as well as speaking internationally at numerous conferences and roundtable discussions. Regularly being used by the media he has appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, NBC, Al-Jazeera, Sky News, as well as being quoted in many newspapers around the globe.


RUSI articles and analysis by this author

RUSI Researchers Invited to Contribute to 'Climate Policy' 29 Aug 2012
RUSI researchers Duncan Depledge and Dr. Tobias Feakin were invited to prepare a paper for inclusion in a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Climate Policy

Tobias Feakin Spoke at the Defence, National Security and Climate Change Workshop 2 Jul 2012
Last month, Dr. Tobias Feakin spoke at the Defencse, National Security and Climate Change Workshop, held in Washington D.C. in June

Dr Tobias Feakin Gives Interview at Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington D.C. 24 Jun 2012
Dr Tobias Feakin Discusses the Current State of the Debate in Europe on Climate Change and the Military.

WHR 4-11 cover The Language of Jihad: Narratives and Strategies of Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula 21 Dec 2011
Despite recent setbacks for the terrorist organisation, AQAP's communications strategy suggests a new model for global jihadist mobilisation

Tobias Feakin September 2011 - 10 Years of a 'Morphing Threat' 11 Sep 2011
Since the 9/11 attacks, the group responsible has lost its main leader, decentralised itself but has kept its message alive. Western governments should continue to pursue the omnipresent threat, but it should deal lightly with the message itself - which is adequately being challenged organically by the Arab Spring.

London Riots The police are still the only option to deal with rioting Britain 10 Aug 2011
Even though senior police officers foresaw the onset of disturbances and rioting, they were completely unprepared for the scale of violence witnessed on the streets of Britain in summer 2011. Seeing police failure, some have called for the Army to be drafted in. This is unrealistic, the police needs to stay in charge.

Zawahiri Chapter Two: Al-Qa'ida's New Beginning? 29 Jun 2011
The 'information-space' is always vital for Al-Qa'ida's operational effectiveness. Its ability to make swift statements in the media and through the internet demonstrates the terror-network's potency and ability to reach a mass audience. Yet, since Bin Laden's death, we have seen the US dominate the media with stories about both the man and the organisation, demystifying both.

Osama Bin Laden The Death of Bin Laden: Analysing the Implications 6 May 2011
RUSI's experts examine the implications of the death of Osama Bin Laden and the operation that led to his killing

Bin Laden on Al Jazeera Concluding Chapter One - The Death of Bin Laden 3 May 2011
There is no doubting that the death of bin Bin Laden is the closure of the first chapter of the story of and battle against Al-Qa'ida. But his supporters will ultimately regroup and react to his cult of martydom and open the next chapter of the story.

Insecure Skies Insecure Skies? Challenges and Options for Change in Civil Aviation Security 4 Apr 2011
The terrorist threat to international civil aviation has evolved, particularly over the last ten years. If the skies are to remain safe, then a more co-ordinated approach is needed to secure the weak links in global aviation security

WTC Opening Pandora’s Box 28 Mar 2011
As North America publicy confronts the issue of radicalization, those involved would do well to observe the lessons of the UK's experience - but have thus far shown little inclination to do so.

After the War on Terror 2 The Resurgent Terrorist Threat 30 Sep 2010
On 27 September 2010, the international media reported of a planned co-ordinated attack in France, Germany and the UK. Dr Tobias Feakin, RUSI Director of National Security and Resilience gives his assessment

7 July bomb victim 7 July bombings five years on: The Psychological Impacts of 7/7 7 Jul 2010
It is important that the public do not allow the events of 7/7, or any terrorist activity, to fundamentally re-shape the way they go about their everyday lives, but it is important that we acknowledge that the events of 7/7 can still be causing psychological distress to those who were most significantly affected by it as well as the general public.

Monitor Feakin National Security in an Age of ‘Shock and Aftershock’ 13 Aug 2009
The globalising processes of enhanced communication and technological flows have created an interconnected world. Governments must now quickly respond to unexpected events around the world: both their shock and aftershock.

Policing Policing the G20 Summit Under the World’s Gaze 1 Apr 2009
The G20 Summit will entail the biggest security operation London has ever seen. The manner in which agencies deal with the influx of heads of states and legions of protestors will be instructive for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Jonathan Evans MI5 Director General Bringing Intelligence into the Light 9 Jan 2009
In the first public interview ever given by a serving Director General of MI5, Jonathan Evans claims that the high number of prosecutions of suspected terrorists has ‘chilled’ the enthusiasm of terror networks. Although the UK is making headway against the terrorist networks within its own borders, the long-term fight against terrorism will be won by upholding liberal democratic values rather than adopting the Guantanamo approach.

De menezes Learning Lessons from the De Menezes Shooting 22 Sep 2008
As the inquest into the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes in 2005 opens today, the task at hand should not only be to apportion blame but also to consider the technologies and the procedural changes required to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again.

Climate Change – The Gathering Momentum of the Security Debate 6 Jul 2007
There has been a veritable ‘tidal wave’ of political capital expended on the topic of climate change. Within this new focus of political and media attentions, the topic of climate change as a security issue has become an increasingly debated area by academics and politicians alike.

MI5’s assessment of the terrorist threat in the UK 13 Nov 2006
Has the MI5 chief's warning on 9 November updated our appreciation of the the terror threat in the UK?

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