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Elizabeth Quintana

Position: Senior Research Fellow, Air Power and Technology and Director of Military Sciences

Elizabeth is Director of RUSI's Military Sciences Department and also runs the Air Power and Technology programme, looking specifically at the future of air power for UK and for NATO at a time of increasing commitments and decreasing resources.The programme also explores the doctrinal, strategic and ethical implications of emerging technologies. She is responsible for conducting research, writing articles and organising events related to these topics.

Elizabeth has lectured specifically on the Ethics of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems and Cyber Operations to the French Air Force Academy, Bundeswehr and US Air Force Academy.

She is responsible for the Chief of the Air Staff's annual conference and the annual RUSI Defence Information Superiority conference, which is also supported by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Prior to joining RUSI, Elizabeth worked for two years running technical conferences for the international defence community. In 2001 she took a graduate assistant position at the University of Texas A&M where she worked for two years on a DARPA project investigating collaborative robotics. Elizabeth holds an MEng in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield and an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas A&M


RUSI articles and analysis by this author

2014 NATO Flag Rising European Defence Budgets? 1 May 2015
A curious thing is happening in continental Europe: defence spending is rising. The United Kingdom may soon be among only a handful of nations with fewer resources for defence at a time of increasing commitments.

Tornado GR4 British Air Strikes Options in the Middle East: Lessons from Libya 25 Sep 2014
As the United Kingdom gears up for air operations over Iraq and perhaps Syria, lessons can be drawn from a similar multinational operation in Libya in 2011.

201408 OP Europe ATAR Europe's Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling Capability: Examining the Collaborative Imperative 26 Aug 2014
In an area of critical European reliance on US assets, the time may be ripe for co-operation

Euroradar CAPTOR UK Funding for ‘Captor-E’ AESA Radar Announced – Better Late than Never 15 Jul 2014
The UK government has finally committed to funding ‘Captor-E’ AESA integration into the Typhoon fighter-jet programme. The move will provide greatly increased capabilities for the RAF’s Typhoon fleet but might also be in time to revive the aircraft’s hopes on the global export market.

MoD Plaque Building a Force for the Future: The UK Needs Depth not Breadth 17 Jan 2014
The former US Defense Secretary has expressed concerns about the UK’s ability to provide full spectrum defence capabilities. Yet, the UK has not had a full spectrum capability for a number of years. It is actually a more worrying lack of depth, not breadth of capabilities that concerns most British defence officials today.

Joint Strike Fighter Synthetic Training 19 Sep 2013
Joint Strike Fighter will be a step change for combat aircraft training, not only will most forces operating the aircraft move to a 50-50 live/synthetic training mix but the synthetic training may prove to be more beneficial in some cases than live flying. Elizabeth Quintana investigates synthetic training for the JSF fifth-generation aircraft programme

201305 NB Quintana thumbnail Manning the Unmanned 3 May 2013
As the UK steps up its drone capability, it is changing the RAF’s training programmes for pilots and operators (Free access)

The RAF and the Olympics 29 Jan 2013
The London 2012 Olympic Games were a tremendously positive experience for the UK in many ways, reinvigorating a sense of Britishness, of pride in being British and in British values, but also in the country’s institutions like the Armed Forces. RUSI’s Senior Research Fellow of Air Power and Technology, Elizabeth Quintana, looks at the RAF’s contribution to the security of the Games

OP Cross-Domain Operations cover Cross-Domain Operations and Interoperability 4 Jul 2012
The new US Joint Operational Access Concept will have implications for the British military and its allies

Securing the Fifth Environment: The RAF and the Importance of Cyber 29 Mar 2012
RUSI’s Elizabeth Quintana examines the development of cyber-capabilities within the Royal Air Force and looks at some of the high-tech threats that the service may face

RDS_jsf Choosing Plan B: Reviewing the UK's Choice of Joint Strike Fighter 23 Mar 2012
As the full ramifications of the austerity measures become clear, the UK may be reconsidering the choice of F-35 variant which it will buy under its Joint Combat Aircraft programme. For costs and operational reasons, Variant B is the logical choice.

US DoD New US Defence Strategy: Implications for the United States Air Force 9 Jan 2012
President Obama's new defence strategy with its reorientation towards the Pacific is good news for airpower and the US Air Force. Despite proposed budget cuts, there will be a continued reliance on strategic air assets.

Libya Rebels Accidental Heroes: Britain, France and the Libya Operation - RUSI Interim Libya Campaign Report 23 Sep 2011
23/09/11: A RUSI report looks at the diplomatic, strategic and military aspects of the recent Libya campaign.

The RAF and Expeditionary Operations 12 Aug 2011
Elizabeth Quintana assesses whether the British contribution to operations in Libya has been helped or hindered by the UK Government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review

Airpower Post-Conference Report: Chief of the Air Staff's Airpower Conference, 2011 17 Jul 2011
In July 2011, RUSI hosted the UK Chief of the Air Staff's Airpower Conference, entitled 'Air Power in an Age of Uncertainty'.

Tactical High Energy Laser When Will Directed Energy Weapons See the Light? 2 Jun 2011
Directed energy may now be reaching a new phase of maturity

UAV 2 Unmanned Systems: Confusing Ethics 20 Apr 2011
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have prompted widespread criticism, despite having proven their value in a variety of contexts. In many cases, their use may be the most logical - and safest - option.

Space and the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure 23 Mar 2011
Elizabeth Quintana argues that space is as important as the cyber domain, both to the UK economy and national resilience

Mine-clearer, Lebanon Beyond the Convention: The Cluster Munitions Debate 18 Oct 2010
The Convention on Cluster Munitions is a welcome step forward, but it needs clarity

Alternative Energy military solar panels NATO Cannot Sustain its Current Fuel Addiction 8 Oct 2010
The closure of the Afghan/Pakistan border earlier this week and consequent targeting of NATO fuel supplies has highlighted a critical vulnerability for the International Security Assistance Forces: Fuel. But what can be done to overcome ISAF's Achilles heel?

Robotics 2 Review: The Robots and Robotics Debate 3 Mar 2010
Two recent books on robots and robotics raise the issue of whether we are as wired for war as robots

Fighting Green: The Next Revolution in Military Affairs 4 Nov 2009
The UK's MoD is not alone in its effort to become green - US forces are also developing the efficiency and security of their energy supplies

Cyber Security The New Challenges of Cyber Security 25 Jun 2009
The UK’s new Cyber Security Strategy outlines governmental response to these new threats: Britain will work closely with international networks to identify and prosecute a new brand of ‘e-criminal’.

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