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A Return to East of Suez?
UK Military Deployment to the Gulf

Britain may be on course to become more directly involved in Gulf security as the US reorients towards the Far East and Pacific Rim.

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US-China Analysis: The US-China relationship: on a downward spiral? 29 Jun 2015 by Edward Schwarck
Officials from the US and China put on brave faces at the recently concluded US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Tensions in the maritime and cyber realms, however, are threatening to send the relationship into a downward spiral. China United States
ISIS fighters Analysis: Why is Daesh not Being Defeated – In Five Questions 29 Jun 2015 by Afzal Ashraf
These five questions address the current role of Daesh and the threat it is posing to the rest of the world, asking why it is not being defeated and how it could potentially be defeated. Particularly following the recent attacks in France and Tunisia, it is clear that Daesh is strong and unless it is eliminated, one cannot hope for peace and stability. Terrorism Middle East and North Africa
Seifeddine Rezgui Analysis: Why Tunisia and What Next? 29 Jun 2015 by Jonathan Githens-Mazer
Following last week’s attacks in Tunisia, the focus has been on why Tunisia was targeted and what could potentially happen next. The rest of the world now needs to come together to support Tunisia’s democracy and economy, in order to successfully fight Daesh and counteract its ‘us vs. them’ view of the world. Terrorism Middle East and North Africa
Afghanistan counterinsurgency Analysis: Afghanistan: A Platform for Cooperation between India and China? 24 Jun 2015
Afghanistan could potentially become the centre of cooperation, not competition, between India and China, the two main Asian powers. This can only be achieved if problems and barriers are overcome and small-scale initiatives are implemented in order to stabilise Afghanistan. India Afghanistan China
China soldiers Analysis: Sino-Indian Cooperation for a Stable and Prosperous Afghanistan 24 Jun 2015
As US and ISAF troops are drawn down in Afghanistan, it is becoming increasingly clear that the void left by the withdrawing nations might have to be filled by Afghanistan’s neighbours. Central and South Asia India Afghanistan Pacific China
India - Foreign Policy - Flag Analysis: Afghanistan: Can it be a Template for India, China Cooperation? 24 Jun 2015
One of the most troubling, but fundamental, questions confronting India is its relationship with China. While India wants a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship that is conflict-free and cordial, does China want a similar relationship with India? Central and South Asia India Afghanistan China
Afghanistan Analysis: Afghanistan Regional Stability: The Role of Chinese and Indian Cooperation 24 Jun 2015
Over the past three years, RUSI has conducted a research project bringing together influential thinkers from China, India, the UK and Afghanistan in a number of workshops in Beijing, New Delhi and Qatar. The aim was to outline areas of common interest between China and India in Afghanistan. As part of this project, we asked Indian and Chinese researchers to offer their perspectives on where Delhi and Beijing could cooperate. Central and South Asia Afghanistan
British Jihadists in an ISIS video 21 June 2014 Analysis: From Al-Shabaab to Daesh 23 Jun 2015 by Raffaello Pantucci
Following the announcement of British deaths in Iraq and Somalia, it has become clear that foreign fighters are attracted to various battlefields. However, there has been a noticeable shift away from Somalia to Syria/Iraq in travel patterns from the UK. Understanding why and how this has taken place might offer some ideas for how to stifle some of the attraction of Syria and Iraq. Terrorism Middle East and North Africa Syria Iraq
Kissinger awarded Chesney Gold Medal by Gen Petraeus News: Dr Henry Kissinger Awarded RUSI Chesney Gold Medal 17 Jun 2015
On Monday 15 June 2015, the Royal United Services Institute presented the 35th Chesney Gold Medal to Dr Henry Kissinger. Global Security Issues History
London Skyline Analysis: FATF 2018: Assessing the UK’s Anti Money-Laundering Efforts 17 Jun 2015
Despite a regulatory environment perceived by many as stringent, the UK has a reputation as a global hub for money-laundering. Over the next two years, the UK Government will prepare itself for an assessment of its anti money-laundering and counter terrorist-financing efforts. Organised Crime UK

Analysis from RUSI publications

Articles from RUSI periodicals: RUSI Journal, RUSI Newsbrief and RUSI Defence Systems

Hypersonics thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Hypersonics: A Viable Alternative to Stealth? 26 Jun 2015
Hypersonics is the realm beyond Mach 5. Systems designed to operate in this regime offer a number of potential advantages including reduced flight times, higher survivability and greater kinetic effects but considerable technical challenges remain Aerospace Technology
QE class thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: The Problem with the UK Carrier-Strike Model 18 Jun 2015 by Peter Roberts
If the UK does not change how it plans to generate and execute carrier-strike training and operational deployments, the country will be underexploiting an excellent and expensive capability Aerospace Maritime Forces UK Defence Armed Forces UK
Shot at Dawn, Chloe Dewes Mathews RUSI Journal: Painting Images of the Past out of the Embers of War 18 Jun 2015
A series of exhibitions in London over the past six months have acted as a reminder of the power of the visual arts in interpreting the memory of war Art and Culture History
Boeing 747 in Helmand RUSI Journal: Logistics as Force Enabler: The Future Operational Imperative 18 Jun 2015
The current debate on defence logistics points to a series of complex challenges that private-public collaboration must address in order to provide this essential component of defence Defence Management UK Defence Equipment and Acquisitions Armed Forces
Milan anti-tank missile RUSI Journal: Versatility and Technology: A Case Study of the Milan and Javelin 18 Jun 2015
French experiences with the Milan and Javelin weapon systems show the vital importance of the relationship between man and machine Land Forces Military Personnel Technology France
Ireland mural RUSI Journal: It’s a Trap: Provoking an Overreaction is Terrorism 101 18 Jun 2015
Governments must avoid overreaction if they are to avoid falling into the classic terrorist trap Terrorism The decade after 9/11 Tackling Extremism International Responses Emergency Response
Estonian troops 2 RUSI Journal: Operation Baltic Fortress, 2016: NATO Defends the Baltic States 18 Jun 2015
Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine call for an analysis of the potential future scenarios that NATO and its member states should prepare for – especially in the Baltics NATO Germany Ukraine France Russia UK United States
Chinese fleet RUSI Journal: Time to Recognise the Danger, Or: Whatever Happened to the China-Watchers? 18 Jun 2015
Cuts to the UK’s foreign and defence budgets have imperilled the country’s ability to wield power and exercise influence strategically within the international arena Defence Policy UK Defence Global Strategy and Commitments Defence Spending
Rescued migrant RUSI Journal: Nightmare Nostrum? Not Quite: Lessons from the Italian Navy in the Mediterranean Crisis 18 Jun 2015
Operation Mare Nostrum offers pertinent lessons as the EU seeks to get a grip on the burgeoning migrant crisis Maritime Forces International Institutions European Union Global Security Issues Libya Europe
Royal Marine Dardanelles RUSI Journal: Why Distance Matters: Putting the ‘Geo’ Back into Politics 18 Jun 2015
Fashionable assumptions notwithstanding, distance is still at the heart of contemporary geopolitics Global Security Issues Global Strategy and Commitments

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