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180 years of defence and security thinking

The Royal United Services Institute has been at the heart of military and security thinking for 180 years. The Duke of Wellington established the Institute in 1831 and some of the most influential thinkers in the  nineteenth and twentieth centuries worked and spoke at RUSI.

RUSI has been at the centre of policy-making and thinking about defence and security throughout the zenith and transformation of the British Empire, two world wars, the Cold War and now the ‘new disorder’ of the contemporary world.  RUSI’s own history parallels and reflects the story of Britain in the world throughout two tumultuous centuries. It remains an intrinsic part of the research and debate that surrounds military and security thinking in this country and today it is more active than ever.

Throughout 2011, RUSI will be celebrating its 180 years through a range of activities. We will highlight our achievements, some of the fierce debates over policy that have taken place here, and the most influential thinkers and leaders who have contributed to the Institute. We aim to anchor our long history in the key strategic realities we face today.


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